Clinicoin Ico Review

Clinicoin Ico Review – Global Health and Wellness Blockchain Platform

About Clinicoin

Clinicoin is an open source wellness platform that rewards users with cryptocurrency for engaging in healthy activities. Leveraged by a blockchain-based ecosystem, the platform is designed to connect people, developers, and providers, worldwide, improving global health, wellness, and research. The Clinicoin community covers all corners of health, wellness, healthcare, and research. From individuals to organizations, the community benefits anyone who is looking to improve health and wellness, whether for themselves, their company, or humanity at large.

Be your own cryptocurrency miner by being healthy. Earn tokens by logging healthy activities using the Clinicoin app and through connected third party health tracking apps through a function called Proof of Engagement. Collect even more tokens from providers for taking surveys, completing tasks, or participating in research that improves lives. Exchange CLIN tokens in a decentralized health and wellness marketplace for digital tools, products, and services. Learn more about Proof of Engagement.

Clinicoin Key Information

Token NameClinicoin
Soft cap2,000,000 USD
Hard cap26,000,000 USD
Distributed in ICO52.4%
Tokens for sale3,000,000,000
AcceptingBTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, Fiat
Token SymbolCLIN
Token TypeERC20
Price in ICO0.0300 USD
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WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

The Game Change Team Behind Clinicoin

Clinicoin Ico Review - Global Health and Wellness Blockchain Platform

Rewards Engine

The Rewards Engine enables the distribution of CLIN tokens between community members. CLIN can then be spent in the marketplace for access to digital health tools, premium content, products, and services. The Rewards Engine will integrate with third party apps through the Clinicoin system, so users can earn tokens interacting with apps outside of the Clinicoin platform as well.

How It Works

  • Participate in healthy activities like running, surfing, meditating, and more, then log those health activities in Clinicoin to earn tokens. Explore new health and wellness activities that can earn you even more tokens. Exchange tokens in the marketplace for access to healthy products and services.
  • Use the secure messenger to connect with people and organizations to keep you on track with your health and wellness goals. Build a team to get motivated, encourage your friends, and earn rewards together. Access digital tools to help build the the best version of you!
  • Explore resources and updates about fitness, nutrition, and maintaining your health. Educate yourself with the newest information about staying healthy and share with others in your network.

Proof of Engagement (PoE) & Validators

Proof of Engagement enables developers of health apps and healthy activity leaders to monetize their contributions to the wellness of others by acting as Validators. There are two different types of Validators in Clinicoin’s Proof of Engagement (PoE) system:

Health App Developers – Developers connect their health applications to the Clinicoin Platform. As Validators, they confirm healthy activities of members who are awarded CLIN tokens from the community rewards pool. Validators also earn tokens for operating these network nodes, while increasing the stickiness of their apps.

IRL Validators – IRL Validators can be exercise instructors, yoga teachers, personal trainers, team coaches, or leaders of any healthy group activity (like a running club or meditation group). Using Clinicoin, they create activity events which generates QR codes on their smartphone. Everyone who participates in the activity scans the code with their phones to get credit for the healthy activity to earn CLIN tokens. The IRL Validator for that activity earns CLIN tokens as well.

Secure Messaging

Clinicoin enables you to communicate securely with other users, providers, health organizations, researchers, and digital health tools via encrypted messaging. In fact, it’s secure enough to meet HIPAA (healthcare) and 21 CFR 11 (clinical research) standards and provides you a new way to communicate with people and organizations in your health and wellness. Instead of downloading a mobile app for every provider or organization, you add them as a contact in the address book. You do the same for other users or teams you create.

Health and Wellness Marketplace

The marketplace is where Clinicoin members spend their CLIN tokens for access to tools, content, products, and services. To kick-start its usefulness, the marketplace was built with products and services you can get with CLIN from day one, and will be moving towards decentralization, where additional marketplaces can exist as part of the network. A decentralized marketplace is, and always will be, the goal.

Token Distribution Events

Proof of Engagement isn’t the only way users can earn CLIN tokens on the platform. Another way is from Providers through Token Distribution Events (TDEs). Providers acquire and distribute CLIN tokens to users based on desired actions, like attending appointments, taking medicine, filling out surveys, completing tasks, etc. TDEs specify a number of tokens to be distributed to users after a completed action or time. The example below covers creating a TDE for attending an appointment.

Private Blockchain

To take full advantage of smart contracts while minimizing the transaction costs, Clinicoin has developed a private blockchain on the Ethereum protocol, visible to the public. CLIN tokens earned on this blockchain can be withdrawn to the main Ethereum blockchain. Anyone can publish a messaging channel via smart contracts.

The channel publisher hosts the messaging queue which enables this channel and is responsible for the privacy policy of messages on the channel. Anyone can verify what the app is doing and contribute to its development. The app handles encryption, submitting messages to channels, and interactions with the private Clinicoin blockchain’s smart contracts.