What Is City Coin (CITY)?

What Is City Coin (CITY)? Complete Guide Review About City Coin.

What Is City Coin (CITY)?

City Coin mission is to expand the usage and availability of services built using blockchain technology, and to apply those services to cities, towns and the lives of citizens. They want to make blockchain technology available for everyone to use. And to do just that they are building the City Chain blockchain and the Smart City Platform.

Blockchain technology is not a magic bullet that can be applied to every exisiting computer or human system. That is why they are building the Smart City Platform on top of the City Chain blockchain, ensuring that they are utilizing the most optimal technology for the different services and experiences provided by City Chain and the Smart City Platform.

Cities and citizens will be able to use the City Chain to improve how they communicate, socialize, trade, and manage assets (both physical and digital). In addition, it will be possible to reduce costs and overhead, while simultaneously empowering us with all the tools they need to take the next step forward.

City Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameCity Coin
Short NameCITY
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply13,736,000,000
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Streamlined and user friendly dashboard for citizens, accessing all features of the City Coin Platform. Encrypted, anonymous secure communities. Enabling anyone, friends, neighborhoods, merchants or anyone to communicate secure and anonymous. What you want to be identified as, is up to you. Your identities are secure, and you can use them across all services on the platform.

To greatly simplify sending coins and digital assets, the contact registry will make it possible to transfer coins using phone numbers. The apps and services that are part of the platform, is easily accessible to the citizens through the City Hub. This app, which is accessible from any device, will abstract the technology as much as possible and still keep users safe and secure.

Merchants Framework

A complete framework, including a user friendly Point-of-Sale (POS) features, that enables merchants to quickly add support for City Chain, and with management tools to manage coins and digital assets. Merchants can decide to be part of a global merchant registry accessible to citizens. Voting that anyone can initiate, including citizens, merchants, corporations and city owners and managers.

Great usability does not come easily, it requires the best User Experience (UX) experts and graphical designers that both understand users and the technology. City Coin developers have decades of experience building consumer and business oriented software and services that have a high customer satisfaction. These skills and experiences will be vital in the development of the Smart City Platform and services.

Vehicle Registry

As an owner of vehicles, you will be able to register your vehicles on the City Hub, and will work to integrate with existing blockchains. Insurance is an important part of a modern society, they will work to integrate with existing blockchains. Keep your contracts, digital or analog, stored and accessible through the platform.

To enable a more widespread acceptance and utilization of crypto-currencies it is required that the apps and services are easy and friendly to use. It should be both delightful and enjoyable to use, so much that people will prefer it over existing methods.

Smart City Platform

Any human society or city, is built upon the laws of commerce and trade. It is a fundamental principle of the human condition. Without it, City Coin wouldn’t be were are today. Yet, the majority of trades are still done using either traditional cash payments, or through many obscure layers of financial institutions and banking. Bitcoin and blockchain technologies, have in many ways disrupted how look at the current financial institutions and banking, but this technology is still new and different.

It takes a lot of effort for the average citizen to understand how it works, and how to adopt and benefit from it. That is why started working on the City Chain and the Smart City Platform. The City Chain is a blockchain that will power the Smart City Platform. That is where the Smart City Platform enters, and with the primary goal of making crypto-technologies more user friendly, and available to everyone, no matter their technical expertise.

The City Coin Platform, with the City Hub built on top, will be your hub into the world of crypto-currencies and blockchain technologies. The Smart City Platform will be powered by the City Chain blockchain.