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What Is Circlepod (CPX)? Complete Guide Review About Circlepod.

What Is Circlepod (CPX)?

In the podcast and digital content industry in 2020, the total global market value is 11 billion U.S. dollars. At the top of 15%, Circlepod has achieved a total market profit of more than 85%, and advertising revenue accounts for a large part of the total revenue. Podcasting is a content carrier with a long history. The fast-growing pod casters can hardly see their accurate listening data, nor can they accurately assess the value of their channel, and large companies have contacted even the copyright and hosting methods.

Circlepod Protocol to trans-form a decentralized, autonomous organization DAO, original stories, metaverse, and open data Podcast media protocol to solve these problems. Circlepod is a global application; the goal is to create a media metaverse ecology to lead players into a new horizon experience through your unique media agreement. Allow Podcaster to interact directly with the audience and get paid instantly.

Circlepod encourage and accelerate both the changes and development of global digital content creation so that every piece of created content can get its value. Create more interactivity and entertainment, connect fans and matter through blockchain technology, and create a good copyright and subscription ecosystem through data and AI.

Circlepod Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameCirclepod
Short NameCPX
Circulating Supply30,204,079.15 CPX
Total Supply528,485,903
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Non-securities sales

This white paper does not constitute prospectus or financial service provision document, nor is it an offer to sell or solicit the purchase of any securities, investment products, regulated products, or financial instruments in any jurisdiction. CPX is not a share. The owner of CPX is not entitled to any rights of CPX or any of its affiliates, including any equity, shares, units, capital royalties, profits, returns or income of CPXor any other company, or intellectual property rights related to CPX.

Risk Statement

Purchasing CPX involves significant risks and may result in substantial or total loss of the amount involved. Before purchasing CPX, you should carefully evaluate and consider the risks, including the dangers listed in any other documents.

Warning about forward-looking statements

This white paper contains certain for-ward-looking statements based on Circlepod Protocols beliefs and certain as-assumptions, and available information re-grading Circlepod Protocols business operations. Forward-looking statements are subject to significant risks and uncertainties by their nature.

Current Problems

Podcasts and their digital creations have been changed in the past two decades. Digital design no longer requires high funding and a large creative team. Anyone can use his imagination to create digitally in his bedroom. Online Podcasts and digital creations only need a few clicks on the web.However, even though the digital design has become extremely easy, value conversion and copyright gains still belong to the primitive stage to a large extent. Digital creators are expected to find sustainable business models and reap the rewards in their labor.

Mission and Vision

Blockchain technology and assets are among the most forward-looking large-scale technologies of this century. By achieving zero trust, immutability, and decentralized transactions, blockchain technology has laid the foundation for a series of new-generation applications. These applications will significantly change the Internet and achieve a more inclusive and harmonious social environment.

Circlepod believes that every content creator should have a firm grasp of their work,from the copyright and patent rights to copy right income or rental income. They believe that protecting the rights of every content creator and consumer will be an essential element in building a better society.This century is also when digital content creators have begun to shine. Countless high-quality content creations have been conceived, and numerous content consumers are willing to support creators.

Market Strategy

CPX Token will be carried out and promoted to the market in this way. Circlepod hope to use IDO (Initial DEX Offering) to deploy CPX to the market gradually. They started the project by participating in Solana Hackathon @asia. The project will focus on the ecology of Podcast content creators. They will release the Stake Pool of Pod caster programs so that CPX holder scan support programs through CPX, and staking fans can get schedules. At the same time, they should give ecological rewards to users who upload and listen to a single episode of NFT.

DAO autonomous organizations, CPX holders, can decide whether to launch new programs by staking CPX to govern. A more detailed design can refer to here. In addition, they will implement a Circlepod App to make it easier for users to get started and use; please refer to here. All related contracts at this stage will be tested on Dev Net. At the same time, they also carry out the design and expansion of Circle NFTs Marketplace and Circle Universe and develop original content and meta-universe. The application will combine digital.

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