What Is Cipher Core Token (CIPHC)?

What Is Cipher Core Token (CIPHC)? Complete Guide Review About Cipher Core Token.

What Is Cipher Core Token (CIPHC)?

Cipher Core Token commitment stated in the agreement is the only warranty and representation make for the agreement and services provided in the website and replaces any warranty and commitment made in other ways and methods, written or verbal, explicit or implicit. All warranty and representations represents your warranty and commitment solely and do not serve as a warranty and commitment that any third party will follow the agreement.

Cipher Core Token do not abandon any rights enjoy restriction, exemption or offset of your compensation responsibilities in the largest applicable scope according to laws which are not mentioned in the agreement though. Your registration represents that you agree with any operation this make according to terms herein and you should assume all risks incurred therefrom. The website is entitled to cancel your account according to the agreement and the agreement will terminate at the date of cancellation.

Cipher Core Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameCipher Core Token
Short NameCIPHC
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply200,000,000
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Price of Services

The prices of the Services billed to the User are those in effect at the time of billing, as published on the Cipher Core Token Website. Prices are also communicated on simple request addressed to CIPHC Support. Unless otherwise specified, prices are in euros, cryptocurrencies and CIPHC.

Depending on the type of Services, CIPHC offers different types of prices (monthly flat-rate price, annual flat-rate price, price per use, etc.) to which can be associated, depending on the case, a period of commitment and/or a method of specific billing. When for the same Service, several types of prices are available, the User selects the one of his choice at the time of the Order.

Price change

Cipher Core Token reserves the right to modify its prices at any time. Price changes are applicable immediately to any new Order. For the Services in use, in the event of a price increase, the Customer is informed with a notice period of thirty (30) calendar days by email. In this case and subject to the article “Specific conditions for Consumers”, the User will have, from this information, a period of thirty (30) calendar days to terminate the impacted Services without penalty, by registered mail.

with acknowledgment of receipt or via the form provided for this purpose on the CIPHC website. Otherwise, the User will be deemed to have accepted the new prices. The aforementioned termination option is not applicable in the event of a price increase resulting from unforeseeable circumstances within the meaning of Article 1195 of the Civil Code. In this case, the provisions of the said article are applied.


The Services are billed on the basis of the User’s consumption and Orders recorded by Cipher Core Token in its information system, which is authentic and is fully enforceable against the User. The frequency (monthly, annual, or other) and timing (upon Order or in arrears) of invoicing varies from one Service to another. The conditions for invoicing the prices of the Services are defined on the CIPHC Website and in the applicable Special Conditions of Service.

It is up to the User to take cognizance of it before placing an order. After each payment, CIPHC sends the User an invoice, at the User’s request. The User expressly accepts that the invoice will be sent to him electronically. The invoice is communicated to the User by e-mail. It is up to the User to keep a copy in accordance with the regulations in force.


Invoices are payable upon receipt, it being specified that depending on the Services, invoices are issued either upon the Order or in arrears. It is up to the User to select in his Management Interface the desired payment method among the available payment methods. The available payment methods may vary from one Service to another. It is up to the User to take cognizance of it before placing an order.

Regarding Services payable in arrears, Cipher Core Token reserves the right to invoice said Services to the User before the end of the current calendar month, as soon as the Services consumed by the User during the month in question reach a significant total amount. The User is solely responsible for payment for the Services under the aforementioned conditions.

Default and late payment

In the event of default or late payment, including partial payment, the User is liable for late payment penalties due the day following the payment deadline, and the interest rate of which is equal to three times the payment rate. legal interest. In addition, any default or late payment (even partial) of sums due by the User in performance.

Cipher Core Token The Contract, persisting for more than four calendar days after notification of default or late payment sent to the User by email, entails as of right and without the need for additional notification or formal notice the immediate payment of all sums remaining due by the User under the Contract, regardless of the method of payment provided.