What Is Chibainu (CHIBA)? Complete Guide Review About Chibainu.

What Is Chibainu (CHIBA)?

Chiba Inu was designed to help traders overcome some of the everyday obstetrical that can arise in crypto. Diverse in Nature, Chibainu offers investors many things that are often overlooked or oversold. They’ve taken careful measure to ensure that your Team is transparent and communicates clearly with your community. Be it new or experienced traders, Chiba Inu aims to create an atmosphere easily digested by all. They are one. Your telegram hosts ‘Daily Voice chats’ in which investors can interact with the team; making suggestions and requests. They believe in transparency and honesty; which is why they warn your investors prior to all pumps and sell offs.

Chibainu Social media platforms are managed by active moderator members of the community; there is constant interaction between marketing and investors. Once finalized, your Team will release your prized creation; ChibaSwap Taxes associated to ChibaSwap will be allocated accordingly to Breast & Prostate Cancer Research Charities. They encourage safe trading and healthy lifestyle choices, like to inspire others to adopt similar natures. It is your aim and practice to provide the best trading experience they can to new and existing users. They will continue to burn LP tokens and add liquidity to your LP’s, including USDT and BUSD pools.

Chibainu Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameChibainu
Short NameCHIBA
Circulating Supply10,000,000.00 CHIBA
Total Supply10,000,000
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Future Of ChibaInu

In the future, Chibainu intends on offering your investors more, including but not limited to Staking and Farming protocols. They offer a truly mixed set of tools between your core members; Team discussions about improvements and integrations are held daily. Having set your minds to fulfilling the needs and requests of your community, there is high likelihood that they will explore NFT’s in time. ChibaInu has been generous to founding investors; holding regular giveaways withing your Telegram community.

This is but an example of what can expect and look forward to when joining the ChibaInu revolution. They are here for one reason; to create a more safe and enjoyable user experience to help raise worldwide Crypo Adoption. It would for the benefit of the entire Blockchain Community that more projects like Chibainu meet the criteria of today’s investor. Safe, fun and beneficial to society in a way that offers others a better chance at life; without investing directly in Cryptocurrency.


Chiba is currently building Chiba Exchange, where all profits will be donated to charities. Chiba is about transparency, trust, and benevolence. Chibainu are here to help make BSC a safer investing space by providing a new path for projects to follow and succeed from. While Chiba Exchange will house a Token locker, they aim to set this as Chiba’s first utility. With token lockers ranging from .05 – .2 BNB to lock tokens, they plan to make this free for Chiba Holders, while offering an array of other payment options.

With plans to introduce staking options for Chiba Holders in the future, fees that are gathered from the token locker will be rewarded to any wallets enrolled in the staking options offered on the Chiba Exchange. There are so many amazing digital artists out there that don’t have the recognition they deserve, Chiba plans to help NFT artists market their amazing work. With future plans of an NFT marketplace, they plan to sign artist to your network where they can mint their projects, while agreeing to offer a small percentage of  the sales to the artists choice of a charity.

Why should I buy Chiba?

The main reason Chibainu believe Chiba could be a good investment, is because they are coming out with many different utilities for the same token. This could drive the price very high, especially considering it has such a small number of holders currently. Your contract is not set up to give rewards, many people believe that reward contracts can affect the price a great deal, so they decided to have your future utilities give rewards. Once your Exchange is finished and your token locker is working, all fees from using the token locker will be given to those who stake your coin.

Where does the money come from that you will be donating?

When Chibainu exchange is done, they plan to have a very small fee of 0.1% that will be charged upon using your swap. These fees will accumulate from volume, and be donated to Prostate and breast cancer foundations. They chose to renounce the contract to build trust. A knew the contract was working nicely and nothing needed to be changed, so they had no reason to hold ownership anymore. No, this contract was designed with zero transfer tax. That means you are only taxed for buying and selling on pancake swap! This opens a lot of doors for Chiba in the future.