What Is ChangeNOW Token (NOW)?

What Is ChangeNOW Token (NOW)? Complete Guide Review About ChangeNOW Token.

What Is ChangeNOW Token (NOW)?

These proceeds, then will be invested in various emerging ICO and Blockchain companies by buying tokens. The fund will simply take the aggregate value of all outside Ethereum based companies’ tokens bought by the fund and divide it by the outstanding NOW Tokens which will equal the Net Asset Value. A listed ChangeNOW Token of the total value of the fund will be listed nightly after 4 pm. NOW as an investment club, will keep the holdings within the NOW under 25 holdings. l though a strive for capital growth they believe that can achieve this by giving back.

ChangeNOW Token initial fund is the Blockchain Traded Fund which is dedicated to the Ethereum Blockchain ecosystem, launched in the Fall of 2017, and was also the first NOW fund to accept Ethereum. Based in New York City, Blockchain Traded Fund invests in the best entrepreneurs who are fostering innovation in the Ethereum Blockchain economy. The fund believes in investing in projects that contribute back into society and this fund will pledge.03 % of the 1 % management fee back into society to support the homeless and other causes.

ChangeNOW Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameChangeNOW Token
Short NameNOW
Circulating Supply84,323,980.23 NOW
Total Supply199,763,510
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Fast crypto exchange

The average time for exchange is about 5 minutes. You can track the progress on the exchange page. ChangeNOW Token is an almost trust less protocol that enables smart contracts to exchange crypto assets for physical products and services without the need for intermediaries or arbitrators. A company investigate into all aspects of the project ranging from the technology, viability of the idea, tokenomics & sale structure, hype, participation risks, legal strategy, and vigilance.

Limitless exchange

You can start from less than $2 and swap as much NOW as you want – there is no upper limit. This also includes the members of the team, advisory board, and notable partnerships. They keep a close eye on deceptive types of behavior and practices that have the potential to harm the community. They are here to help maintain authenticity in the space and to provide an independent & honest source of information.


Gain access to decentralized liquidity of Uniswap and Pancakeswap. Powerful e-commerce platforms have captured the market. These monolithic intermediaries extract excess value. They claim to value customer-eccentricity when what they are really doing is hoarding data and separating people from the value they create. Worse than that, they distort markets and supply chains and interfere with company economic systems, imperiling consumers, firms and even governments. Unless ChangeNOW Token can solve this problem they face the prospect of the total capture of commerce and its supply chain by a few extraction monopolies.

Buy crypto with fiat

On Change NOW, you can buy any crypto with more than 50 fiat currencies using your Visa or MasterCard. What is needed is a way to execute commerce transactions without centralized intermediaries and with minimal arbitration, cost and friction. NOW Protocol Automates digital to physical redemption using NFTs encoded with game theory. ChangeNOW Token core technology disrupts e-commerce platforms by tokenizing real-world products and services and commerce data within a liquid digital market, built on #DeFi. Boson Protocol enables a decentralized commerce ecosystem where all participants share in the value they create.

Non-custodial platform

ChangeNOW Token retains your privacy and guarantees security. We are a non-custodial exchange service. This document is for information, illustration and discussion purposes only and nothing in this document shall constitute a recommendation, offering or a solicitation of an offer to buy any securities or financial instruments of any kind in any jurisdiction. In particular, the sale of NOW tokens (“Tokens”) referred to in this document is not directed at Excluded Persons (as defined below).

Handy mobile exchange

All ChangeNOW Token services are accessible on the go with our best secure mobile app, available. The Tokens are cryptographic utility tokens usable on the Ethereum blockchain and allowing, in the long term, to access the functionalities of the NOW Protocol which includes, inter alia, purchasing transaction coordination services, and eventually using the Tokens to purchase consumer product preference data from the NOW data marketplace.