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What Is ChampInu (CHAMPINU)? Complete Guide Review About ChampInu.

What Is ChampInu (CHAMPINU)?

ChampInu is building the worlds first Community driven & owned Casino, Champ bet. All $CHAMPINU holders automatically earn profits of the casino which will underlie open source accounting. Buyback token from the market. Firstly, the Treasury Contract must have enough ETH in reserve to buy back token from the market. Initially, the token are transferred as liquidity to the Exchange Contract just like what we explained in the first method, and later in case of growth in the Capital’s value, the Treasury Contract buys an equivalent number of token from the market.

This process reduces the number of token available for public trade while creating buying
pressure on the market, thus driving prices upwards. Decreases which leads to a definitive price
increase on the market. Selling token to the market. When the Capital’s value declines, the Treasury Contract sells an equivalent number of token to the public market and receives ETH in return. This decreased the underlying locked liquidity in the form of ETH, reducing the external value while increasing the number of available token for public trade, thus pushing the price downwards.

ChampInu Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameChampInu
Circulating Supply1,000,000.00B CHAMPINU
Total Supply1,000,000,000,000,000
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ChampInu are your NFTs and form part of the ChampInu Ecosystem. NFTs can not only be traded, bought and sold but can also be used in your upcoming Play to Earn Game. Each NFT will NOT be minted more than the given Supply. If you own a Champ, you get proof of ownership on to your BEP20 wallet in form of the Erc721 standard.


ChampInu is a community-based and community-driven project, guaranteeing complete and utter transparency through every step of this project. Bringing you the worlds first Community owned Casino, Your main product will be Champ bet, which is a complete & provably fair casino with the most popular game modes to date.


The Treasury Council, abbreviated as TC, is responsible for the token value maintenance. By buying back or selling ChampInu token on the market, the value of the token should be maintained and must closely reflect the total value of the assets (ETH + token + NFTs) in the Capital/Treasury Contract. The TC also must take action to regulate the market when needed (see more in the Market Making section). Additionally, the TC makes sure that ChampInu does not hold too many ARTEQ token within its holdings. The figure below illustrates the dynamics within your ecosystem.

Valuation Criteria

The external value or market capital of the ChampInu token is determined by the market as soon as active trading on decentralized exchanges takes place. The sum of the token in circulation multiplied by the last traded price, derived from the ARTEQ/ETH exchange rate, defines the total external value. The intrinsic value of the token is appreciated by the total value of the holdings, which consist of a sum of three values:

• The number of token times last traded price in ETH
• The amount of ETH in the Treasury and Exchange Contract
• The appreciated value of the NFTs owned

Market Making

The ChampInu Treasury Council is in charge of market-making. In other words, the TC is responsible for keeping the exchange price around the intrinsic value of the Capital, as previously mentioned. To do so, they might undertake one of the following actions. Provide more liquidity to decentralized exchanges. This will make more ETH pairs available in the market. This does not necessarily change the price and in fact, liquidity must be added at the current exchange rate.

This only makes more token available for the public to trade. As the Capital grows, more token will be made available and in parallel, more ETH will get added as its underlying asset. This effectively increases the external value or the market capital. The result would be an increase in demand and a rise in the exchange rate as a post effect.

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