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Chains Airdrop Review: Get 20 USDT Each

About Chains Airdrop

Chains Airdrop is a platform focused on building radically user-friendly products for earning, trading, spending and accumulating cryptocurrency. The platform is designed to help users to engage with blockchain-enabled products such as NFTs, DeFi and more.

Chains is airdropping free Deep Space NFTs and 200,000 vCHA to users who complete simple tasks. Chat with the bot and complete simple tasks to get a free Deep Space NFT. The top 50 referrers will get 20 USDT each. Sign up at Chains to get 200,000 vCHA. vCHAs are points, which are accumulated in your account and upon reaching every 200,000 vCHA are converted into a 1% lifetime discount on Chains.

Token NameChains Airdrop
Total Value1,000,000 NFTs + 1,000 USDT
Airdrop EndN/A
KYCKYC Is Not Requirement
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Max. ParticipantsUnlimited
Collect AirdropClick Here To Collect Free Airdrop

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Chat with this Telegram bot.
  2. Create an account at Chains. (+ 200,000 vCHA)
  3. vCHAs are points, which are accumulated in your account and upon reaching every 200,000 vCHA are converted into a 1% lifetime discount.
  4. Join their Telegram group.
  5. Follow them on Twitter, like and retweet the pinned tweet.
  6. Submit your details to the bot.
  7. You will get a Deep Space NFT.
  8. The top 50 referrers will get 20 USDT each.

Qualify for an Early Adopter Lifetime Discount

Chains Airdrop Convert your vCHA into a lifetime discount on Every 200,000 vCHA is converted into 1% lifetime discount. The discount will apply to:

  • CHA Token Sale
  • Exchange
  • Marketplace
  • Prism Analytics
  • All future products and Launchpad token sales

A Single Account, A Stack of Products

Chains is building a stack of simply interconnected products focused on making cryptocurrency accessible to a new generation of users.

They are developing products that work in concert, naturally, seamlessly – products that allow Chains users to earn, invest and spend cryptocurrency via a single platform without the burden of having to learn the mechanics of the underlying technology.

CHA Token Utility

Stake based Launchpad participation

Stake based trading fee discount

Stake based Automated Airdrop eligibility

Fee and Launchpad token price discounts when used as method of payment

Access to exclusive features and tiers based on the amount of CHA staked

Predefined burning schedule

Key features of the Launchpad include:

● Integration with account system
● Clean retail-user friendly design
● KYC and SEC 506c compliance for accredited investors from the US
● Wizard style purchase journey that allows the user to secure an allocation before proceeding to conducting a KYC verification process
● Custom vesting schedules
● Bonding curve, tranche and fixed pricing mechanisms
● Presale and whitelisting mechanisms


Chains Airdrop is developing a marketplace where businesses can pay for services and products using the currency of their choosing, and service providers can define types of currency they are willing to accept. The Marketplaces natively support a dynamic payment and pricing method, where transactions can be settled in any currency agreed between the parties. The Seller may parametrically define premiums and discounts based on the currency utilised by the buyer.

Token Economics

Monetary Policy

The token’s monetary policy mainly pertains to the total supply of tokens and their liquidity. It also covers any mechanisms to expand or contract the tokens’ supply as needed through the introduction of inflation and deflation mechanics.

Fiscal Policy

Chains Airdrop fiscal policy defines possible commercial benefits for the holders of a token which transcend capital gains related to the token’s appreciation in value in relation to other assets and currencies. The aforementioned benefits are de facto incentives to utilise the token, as opposed to buying the token only for the purpose of speculating on its future value. Incentives can take on the form of discounts, unique utility, cash back or waiving of fees.

Fee Reductions

Holding a CHA balance and toggling the option of using CHA tokens as primary fee payment method will cause Chains to spend CHA first, whenever fees are due. At launch, fees paid in CHA will provide users with a 33% discount on the full fee price. Transaction fees may vary and will be updated from time to time.


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