What Is Chainlink ? (LINK) Complete Guide Review About Chainlink .

What Is Chainlink ? (LINK) Complete Guide Review About Chainlink .

What Is Chainlink ?

Chainlink Network is driven by a large open-source community of data providers, node operators, smart contract developers, researchers, security auditors and more. The company focuses on ensuring that decentralized participation is guaranteed for all node operators and users looking to contribute to the network. They greatly expands the capabilities of smart contracts by enabling access to real-world data and off-chain computation while maintaining the security and reliability guarantees inherent to blockchain technology.

Chainlink Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin Name Chainlink
Short NameLINK
Circulating Supply453,509,553.92 LINK
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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Get involved through The grant programs

Community grant program

Chainlink Coin Rewarding developers who expand the amount of data available on-chain, enhance the security of the node infrastructure, and integrate across new systems. Apply for a community grant

Integration grants

Encouraging projects and teams from all over the world to procure specific technological work and services from Chainlink.Apply for an integration grant

Social Impact program

Working with nonprofits, NGOs, and socially conscious projects to accelerate hybrid smart contract development and enable an economically fair world. Apply for a social impact grant

Research program

Chainlink funding academics and specialists who conduct and publish innovative research that enhances the security and performance of the Network.

Highly secure and flexible infrastructure

Reliable, tamper-proof network

Use decentralization, trusted nodes, premium data, and cryptographic proofs to connect highly accurate and available data/APIs to any smart contract.

Seamless connection to any API

Build on a flexible framework that can retrieve data from any API, connect with existing systems, and integrate with any current or future blockchain.

Proven, ready-made solutions

Chainlink Coin Integrate pre-built, time-tested oracle solutions that already secure tens of billions in smart contract value for market-leading decentralized applications.

Secure off-chain computation

Use a decentralized network of Keeper nodes to automate contracts, mitigating risk of manual interventions and centralized servers.

Secure oracle networks powering off-chain data and services for any smart contract

End-to-end decentralization

Chainlink use decentralized oracle networks made up of independent and Sybil-resistant nodes for high availability and manipulation resistance.

Provably secure nodes

Provide cryptographic proof of the oracle networks’ overall integrity as every piece of data is digitally signed by nodes and stored on-chain.

High-quality data

Chainlink access any password-protected or authenticated API data source, redundantly validated by multiple nodes to prevent any single points of failure.

Crypto-economic security

Leverage provably secure nodes that are economically incentivized to deliver accurate results on-chain.

Defense in depth

Apply multiple layers of security such as cryptographic signatures, trusted execution environments, zero-knowledge proofs, and more.

Open-source community

Chainlink Coin Improve network security and accelerate development through ongoing contributions from node operators, developers, researchers, security auditors, and more.

Blockchain agnostic

Connect to all leading public and private blockchain environments from a single framework, providing a universal abstraction level for cross-network connectivity.

Off-chain computation

Chainlink Combine on-chain infrastructure with cost-efficient and reliable off-chain computation to create feature-rich decentralized applications in the form of hybrid smart contracts.

Decentralized and reliable automation solution

Chainlink Keepers enable smart contract developers to outsource the triggering of smart contract functions to a decentralized network of nodes. The Keepers network monitors smart contracts and performs off-chain computations to determine when on-chain functions need to be called, providing a decentralized transaction automation service.

Connect your smart contract to real-world data and events

Chainlink Coin decentralized oracle networks allow developers to connect their smart contracts to any off-chain data resource or computation Chainlink’s ability to connect with any API and perform any off-chain computation opens up a wide variety of use cases, such as Arbol using for weather data to create weather risk products and Theta Network leveraging for viewership data to fight ad fraud for online content.