What Is Chainge (CHNG)?

What Is Chainge (CHNG)? Complete Guide Review About Chainge.

What Is Chainge (CHNG)?

Chainge is a decentralized finance application running on the Fusion blockchain that grants users complete control over their assets, as well as complete freedom to interact with innovative financial instruments with no intermediaries needed. The app ultimately aims to empower people from all corners of the world to become their own digital bank. With automated financial services, people can finally enjoy 100% freedom & security. The top-grade coding behind it all puts forth a smooth operational flow highlighted by a pristine user experience and never seen before capabilities.

Chainge unfolds a fully decentralized financial universe and brings back financial power into the hands of the people. With no middlemen. No hassle. No limits.Powered by the Fusion DCRM technology, provides cross chain interoperability in stealth mode no matter the chain they have their assets on, the app will run all necessary processes in the background so that the end users benefit from a flawless experience and speedy transactions.

Chainge Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameChainge
Short NameCHNG
Circulating Supply110,046,435.00 CHNG
Total Supply110,046,435
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Cross chain decentralized escrows

Furthermore, Chainge will provide a wide range of alternative financial services such as cross chain decentralized escrows which can be widely applied to the crypto OTC market, freelance websites, domain transfers, international trading and much more – the use of which will substantially ease daily business transactions and improve the users’ financial life.

Upon entering crypto bank partnerships, Chainge will deliver the utmost best UX when it comes to both fiat on ramp and off ramp. Operations such as opening overseas bank accounts will be performed remotely in an easy and efficient manner while everyone is going to be able to switch fiat into crypto/stable coins with just one tap and vice versa.


The token (CHNG) is issued on the Fusion blockchain – the only standard and the world’s first implementation of real Time Frame technology, FRC-758. Each CHNG token was generated by people who signed up and became active users on the chainge.finance website. Subsequently, all fake or fraudulent accounts were excluded through your AI algorithm. The final number of emitted CHNG was established, at 814 670 050 tokens, of which 81,467,005 CHNG were earned by the community before the app release (and represents 10% of said total supply).

CHNG supply management

Chainge will use quarterly 25% of the profits to buy back CHNG from DEX and burn it. This means that CHNG holders virtually hold 25% of the shares, although CHNG holders do not receive any dividends. But, de facto, using 25% of the revenue to buy back and burn tokens implies that the holders share in the success of the company.

EARN trough Time Framing

Chainge Earn – Passive income at your fingertips. Finance offers interest for a very wide variety of cryptocurrencies & stable coins + CHNG rewards where applicable. Start earning using the App. Today, there are two essential parameters that define traditional transfers of value Type and Quantity. Your innovative TF function creates a third parameter of value ‘Time’.

How does the Earn feature work?

The ‘time value of money’ fundamentally states that 1 BTC today will be worth more than 1 BTC in let’s say one year, because of its potential earning capacity. In an applied scenario, 1 BTC can be invested today in something that will make you a profit over the course of that certain period, thus, making that 1 BTC more valuable in the future.

Chainge Using the ‘Time frame’ function, any value, can be ‘split’ into defined periods, The possibilities TF opens up are endless, but right now they are going to focus on the Earn feature which will grant you the possibility of time-framing an asset and then managing it through a smart contract.