What Is Chain Guardians (CGG)? Complete Guide Review About Chain Guardians.

What Is Chain Guardians (CGG)?

What Is Chain Guardians (CGG)?

In a galaxy not too far away is the Crypto verse. A place where blockchain planets are currently under attack from the tyrannical Tifans and their Gatekeeper forces. Join in your fight against them, and together they can not only defeat the Gatekeepers and free the Blockchain planets from their control but Play Earn at the same time. Ah ha, my intrepid soldier. I see you have come to join me in the lucrative business of mining. Together Chain Guardians will reap the benefits of hard work and computer processing. Here in my mining game you can attempt to loot the loot in two ways. Either mine solo or mine as one of my crew.

Chain Guardians Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameChain Guardians
Short NameCGG
Circulating Supply43,517,305.27 CGG
Total Supply120,000,000
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Soldier, I see you have joined in Chain Guardians fight against the Tyrannical Tifans. I know you are weary, and would like to rest, but they are running out of time. Join quickly and help defeat these oppressive forces and rid the Blockchain planets of these Gatekeeper forces. Together they will defeat the Tifans and restore freedom and independence to your worlds. A small text file placed on your computer by this Website when you visit certain parts of the Website and/or when you use certain features of the Website. Details of the cookies used by this Website are set out in the clause below.

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What is Play To Earn?

Chain Guardians is a remarkable concept which puts you, the player, at the center of a gaming revolution. It allows for the monetization of your time. Imagine playing a game where all the valuable time and effort you put into upgrading and grinding your character’s development will be rewarded with real monetary value. Traditional games have, in the past, relied on users passively accepting virtually no reward for playing their game this has all changed.

Unlike other Play2Earn games, defending the Crypto verse is completely free to play. You will be in charge of a Kizuna – an elite fighting team that will battle the tyrannical Tifans and their brutal Gate Keeper forces. Your goal mission is to keep the blockchain planets free from oppression whilst earning income from $CGG. Chain Guardians is a play to earn game where you will earn $CGG whilst playing the game. CGG is a valuable resource/governance token that allows.

what is the program?

Chain Guardians holders will have the opportunity to rise through your ranks! Your entry rank is 500 CGG which unlocks multiple exclusive rewards and benefits. By advancing through the ranks, many substantial perks will continue to unlock. The program rewards early token holders for their trust, loyalty, and engagement during your early development. As such, this is one of many campaigns planned to illustrate your commitment to a healthy ecosystem by prioritizing your supporters.

Chain Guardians is designed for Blockchain Enthusiasts to interact with their investments and gamers to own their in-game accomplishments. As they continue to make your vision a reality, the priority is demonstrating your commitment and gratitude to early supporters.

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