What Is Celsius.network? (CEL) Complete Guide & Review About Celsius.network

What Is Celsius.network? (CEL) Complete Guide Review About Celsius.network

What Is Digibyte.Org?

Celsius.network (CEL) is an all-in-one banking and financial services platform for cryptocurrency users. Launched in June 2018, it offers rewards for depositing cryptocurrency, along with services such as loans and wallet-style payments. Users of the platform receive regular payouts and interest on their holdings. Celsius’ native token, CEL, performs a variety of internal functions, including boosting user payouts if used as the payment currency. An economy where financial freedom doesn’t come with a price tag. Where the interests of the people are put first. Where ethical behavior is the baseline, and where everyone – and they mean everyone – has the opportunity to succeed financially.

Celsius Coin with a little bit of humanity and honesty, and the power of a digital currency that’s as strong as it is accessible, they ushering in the new economy today. Celsius is proud to provide a platform of curated services that have been abandoned by big banks – things like fair interest, zero fees, and lightning quick transactions. the goal is to disrupt the financial industry, one happy user at a time, and introduce financial freedom through crypto.

Celsius.network Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameCelsius.network
Short NameCEL
Circulating Supply238,863,520 CEL
Total Supply695,658,160
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How does it work? 

  • Enter the promo code in the app;
  • Read the requirements for the promo;
  • Complete the requirements (Transfer funds/Request a loan);
  • Receive the reward once the lock period expires.


Transfer Coin

Celsius.network currently support over 30 different coins and tokens that you can transfer. Bear in mind that each one has its own transfer address, but some of them use the same format. For example, BTC, BCH and LTC addresses can be of the same format. You need to make sure that you only send BTC to your BTC address, otherwise if you send BTC to a BCH address it will be lost forever.

To make a transfer to your Celsius wallet you should follow these steps.

1. Open your wallet ( in case you don’t have a wallet already please follow our guide.

2. Tap on the Celsius logo located in the bottom right corner.

Minimum And Maximum Coin Transfer

Celsius Coin None! You can always select any amount of coins you would like to transfer, starting from as little as $1 and going all the way over to $5,000,000 or more. All you have to do is select the currency and the amount you want to send. It’s that easy!


The top priority is keeping your assets secure

Celsius.network Top-Tier Security & Cyber Defense Leaders Driving Forward and Protecting a Mission-Driven Community

  • Global Multidisciplinary Group
  • Cryptography and Cryptocurrency Innovators
  • Cyber Intelligence and Incident Response Experts
  • Celsius combines the best cyber defense talent with unique and proven technologies such as MPC (Multi Party Computation) to provide top-tier security and asset protection
  • Activate 2-factor-authentication on the Celsius mobile app
  • Whitelist your crypto withdrawal addresses within the app
  • Activate HODL mode
  • Protect your personal email and accounts from SIM SWAP attacks – use non SMS based 2-factor-authentication 


Celsius Coin was founded in 2017 with the mission to harness blockchain technology to provide unprecedented financial freedom, economic opportunity, and income equality for the 99%. For too long, big banks and financial institutions have gotten away with greedy, unethical, and risky behavior. It’s time to replace the current financial systems with a new model that only ever acts in the best interest of the community.

The platform provides members with curated services unavailable through traditional institutions. the goal is to act as a catalyst for financial disruption on a global scale by offering services that will bring the next 100 million people into cryptocurrency.