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What Is CCA Coin (CCA)? Complete Guide Review About CCA Coin.

What Is CCA Coin (CCA)?

CCA Coin coin is commodity circulation accelerating DeFi platform, which was released in October 2020, based on the technique of 3rd generation POS block chain. The following Block chain connects without a middleman or bank through ‘Smart contract’ of AOK main-net between subjects who trade commodity circulation. The block chain makes reliable trade by ensuring fairness, clarity and credibility on circulation allowance occurred in the process between the couple of parties.

The participant can invest and also join in donation at the same time Through automatically accumulating the part of interest of participants’ deposit coin as a donation. Through the system platform provide the benefit to the participant and also contribute to viability of sustainable enterprise by ensuring clarity and financial solvency.

CCA Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameCCA Coin
Short NameCCA
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply999,999,997
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Decentralized Financial

DeFi is the acronym of ‘decentralized finance’, which imply de-centralized distributed banking or distributed finance. DeFi mainly works by loaning a certain amount of money against cryptocurrency or borrowing cryptocurrency against the other assets. CCA Coin designed to give the benefit of what operates on the public block chain, of resistance on censorship and improving accessibility of financing service. And mainly assuming opensource protocol or modules framework what invent and publishing digital asset. DeFi uses intuitively distributed financial service without the complexity of the centralized system.

Developer can develop and compromise financial service with low price. Setting and managing an investment fund is a complex and bureaucratic process and requires high costs by middle-mans’ intervention who like auditor, accountant and manager and laws and legal regulation. Using those distributed systems, someone from the U.S. borrows from China and invests in an enterprise in Europe easily. With the distributed asset management protocol, anyone can set-up, manage and invest in an investment fund.

Asset and asset management protocol automate and optimize and the specific and conventional process and aim to reduce or remove the need of middleman. CCA Coin platform is the structure basically on the DeFi structure connecting investors and consumers who need funds, and share mutual profit comes from the trading process. In those processes, by applying an automatic donation system selectively, contribute to the whole community by sharing the profit with society.

Commodity Circulation

In using the currency as a medium in exchanging merchandise and commodity circulation, exchange takes two independent roles of selling(W-G) and buying(G-W). There are, as a change of shape, not only transfer of the value but also mainly transfer of utility value like saving, freight and packing. This feature makes produce in circulation area causing value to rise. In producing patterns, commodity circulation is a natural occurrence. Division between selling and buying what intrude continuity of exchange, assume itself abs tractable possibility of over processing panic.

CCA Coin business selling merchandise with accurate value and buying accurate merchandise with received money, has low possibility of intruding unfair profit. Because of fair trade, both participants would not overpay to accurate value. But G-W-G business has little difference. If it is a trade to buy merchandise and Sell it, nobody wants the same value between former asset and later asset. Nobody wants an exchange with no profit.

Social organization

Because of invest able P2P trade provide share about a in G+a structure in CCA platform, in case of participants who lack G could be borrower and provide accurate a lender will appear from CCA Coin participants and match. Both participants, the lender and borrower share profit, and distributed from CCAP, part of CCAP among profit will go to automatic invest to the donation fund. Through continuous trade in CCA platform, borrower, lender and social organization, so far, social enterprise will achieve each profit and create an ecosystem. Also achieve realization of contribute to being public.

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