What Is Catfishdoge? (CATFISH) Complete Guide Review About Catfishdoge.

What Is Catfishdoge? (CATFISH) Complete Guide Review About Catfishdoge.

What Is Catfishdoge?

Catfishdoge Token is a community focused token, fighting back against scams and rugs. Catfish Doge’s state-of-the-art tokenomics including anti-dump, anti-whale, anti-bot, anti-snipe and anti-rug pull mechanics to protect you as if they were meeting in real life.

they also providing tips and stories on getting catfished in the community. People are seeing a large surge in criminals using dating websites to build relationships with people to convince them to make fake financial investments. They show you how to fight back. When you HODL $CATFISH, they give you REAL tokens in BNB whenever somebody does a ransaction and they do it on the fly so you don’t have to wait. 3% on every buy, and 12% on every sell Catfish Doge is by the hodlers and for the hodlers!

Catfishdoge Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin Name Catfishdoge
Circulating Supply 500,000,000.00 CATFISH
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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12% Dividend Paid in $BNB

Catfishdoge Coin Up to 12% of every buy/sell is redistributed to the $CATFISH holders in the form of $BNB. 1000 tokens required.

Auto Paid Every 60 Mins

All you need to do is just buy & hold $CATFISH and you’ll get BNB distributed in your wallet every 60 minutes automatically!

Full Transparency

What you see is what you get. There’s no progressive taxes or gimmicks or tricks


1 Billion tokens


50% is burned forever making catfish as rare as perfect 10 on Tinder

Anti-Dumping Protocol

Catfishdoge after each buyback, transaction fees FOR SELLS are increased for 30 minutes and descending to the original rate with each minute.

Fair Launch

No private sale or presale. They all start out together

Team Lead

Community Driven 3% tax will go to the dev & 2% to the marketing wallet to ensure the capability in supporting further development and marketing

Community driven

Catfishdoge Coin articles on how not to be scammed by other cryptocurrencies Another popular scam or catfish is for the scammer to pose as an affiliate branch of a respectable and legitimate organization. South Korean scam BitKRX presented itself as a safe place to exchange and trade bitcoin but was fraudulent. The fake exchange took on the part of the name of the real Korean Exchange (KRX) and scammed people out of their money by posing as a respectable and legitimate cryptocurrency exchange.

People should always be wary of platforms offering huge returns. Never send your money or cryptocurrency to a platform you don’t completely trust. If you do some quick research you should be able to gauge online how reputable a company is.

Fake Coin

A classic scam involving BTC and cryptocurrency is simply, fake currency. One such arbiter of this faux bitcoin is My Big Coin. Simply put, it is phony bitcoin. My Big Coin is a crypto scam that brought investors into sinking an alleged $6 million and was sued by the US FTC. Among other things, the site fraudulently claimed that the coin was being actively traded on several platforms ad misled investors by claiming it was also partnered with MasterCard.

Pump And Dump Scam

Catfishdoge pump and dump scam can be traced back to Tuilp Mania in the 1600s. The basic idea of this scam is that investors hype or pump up a particular cryptocurrency, which is usually an shit coin that is very cheap but the high risk on investor websites and blogs. Once the scammers pump up this particular coin, which skyrockets very quickly, they dump their coins onto the naïve investors who bought what they thought was the next big thing.

There is no single formula to guarantee you can avoid being scammed, but it is critical to keep up to date, stay alert, and be aware of the latest happenings regarding scams by following advice