What Is CAT trade Protocol (EQMT)?

What Is CAT trade Protocol (EQMT)? Complete Guide Review About CAT trade Protocol.

What Is CAT trade Protocol (EQMT)?

CAT trade Protocol smart trading interface that can facilitate complex trade set-ups quickly and easily. Set defaults so you can quickly repeat trades. Select coin pairs and metrics to receive trading recommendations on. Implement trades based on these alerts either in Discord or your Dashboard, using just one click. Zero effort trading. Copy proven traders and have their trades replicated on your account. copy CAT creators can earn by making their strategies available to others.

Once confirmed, you’ll be requested to make a ByBit account using your partner link, and then connect this to CAT.trade. It’s important that your account is created using your partner link, otherwise your CAT.trade account will not function properly. Once registered, you will need to navigate to Account & Security, where you will have to first of all enable a method of 2FA, either Google Authenticator or SMS.

CAT trade Protocol Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameCAT trade Protocol
Short NameCATX
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply100,000,000
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A host of resources and materials to teach you everything from fundamentals to complex set-ups, CAT.Trade will improve your trading skill set. Dain joined the CAT.Trade team in 2020 as an admin on Discord support, having maintained and supported a number of communities and company support channels over the past 10 years, now managing the CAT trade Protocol community.

Jason is the most recent addition to the CAT.Trade development team. He is a full stack developer with over 10 years experience writing software for different applications and uses. Jаffеr is a recent Computing Science graduate with experience in building applications and has been with CAT.Trade from the get go.


A community and support team that are always on hand to help. Trade along with others and have your questions answered 24/7. Chris has almost 10 years experience in cryptocurrency regulation, payment tracking and using big data for on and off chain analysis for both the public and private sectors.

Nick is a fantastic design thinker, in the classical sense. He takes a problem, assesses it, and breaks it down to gain clarity on the core issue. He provides clear and effective design solutions that are appropriate to the objectives and that leverage innovations in design and the application technologies.


CAT trade Protocol in-house, native token powers all purchases made in CAT.Trade. Hold tokens and receive rewards to be a part of CAT.Trade’s success as we grow. Working as a young IT engineer and software developer in dealing rooms of banks like KBC and ABN AMRO he learned how to trade there from the professional traders.

He has been trading Dutch stocks and precious metals since 2000, and crypto since 2016. After 15 years of owning and running a successful IT business he is now full time trader and CAT.Trade team member.

Dave Lyons Chief Executive Officer

Fifteen years trading Forex, graduating Brian Beamish’s ‘The Rational Investor’ trading academy and working with Greg Seckers “Knowledge to Action” and Marcus de Maria’s Investment Mastery has helped Dave design the CAT tools around his ‘at the coalface’ requirements. Runs a bitcoin fund and trades it using the indicators and automation tools available in CAT.Trade.

Legal Notice

This Presentation assumes the reader has a basic level of understanding of Bitcoin, Ethereum, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. This Presentation shall not be taken as any form of financial, legal, tax or investment advice. Readers are strongly encouraged to consult their own qualified, professional advisors to determine whether participation in the Offering warranted. CAT trade Protocol is registered in the Island of Nevis, Reg, No L18958. It has sole ownership of all intellectual property for KSS products mentioned herein.

What is copyCAT?

CAT trade Protocol allows traders to follow other people’s trades with zero effort, or earn from others following your trades. When you follow a copyCAT, you make all the trades that the copyCAT leader does. Trades will be made on your account, but it’s important to note that the leader has no remote control over your funds – they cannot withdraw from your account. This permission to make trades on your account is revoked as soon as you stop following the copyCAT.