What Is Castello Coin(CAST)? Complete Guide Review About Castello Coin

What Is Castello Coin(CAST)? Complete Guide Review About Castello Coin

What Is Castello Coin(CAST)?

It will be the first Coin in history to achieve its level of recognition through a unique, physical artwork, and thus will enjoy a unique position in the crypto world and the traditional world. The artwork as a symbol of the Castello Coin will position the crypto world in the traditional world and make it popular there.

The Coin acts as a bridge between the traditional financial world of finance, the world of traditional forms of investment and traditional art, and the new world, the world of cryptocurrencies and the digital age. The resulting global recognition will ensure a high level of relevance and acceptance, and leads to strong trust. The Castello Coin also gets a strong emotional connection to the virtual market.

Castello Coin also allows access to certain parts of the ecosystem that are otherwise unavailable, such as exclusive NFT auctions. The Castello Coin ecosystem, called Castello Forum, supports talented artists and filters the best art projects through the Castello Coin DAO. Castello Coin holders have the opportunity to support these art projects and in return receive NFT’s that are supported and made visible through the Castello Ecosystem.

Castello Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameCastello
Short NameCAST
Circulating Supply128,316,104.00 CAST
Max Supply440,000,000
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Unique Position

The Castello is the first token with a world class artwork as its ambassador. This will lead to an unprecedented level of recognition and hype.


The number of Coins is fixed to retain exclusive value. The Coin will also provide access to high end goods and exclusive artworks (“limited editions”).

Strong partners

The Castello Coin is supported by strong strategic partners in blockchain and finance, including a close partnership with a Swiss bank.

Trust & transparency

The Coin will be developed by DSENT AG which will offer the highest degree of security, transparency and regulation.


Castello Coin starts a revolution in the cryptocurrency market and combines the worlds of artistry and blockchain technology.

The Castello Coin Value

The redefines the system through its unique combination of characteristics: remarkable art, blockchain technology, strong partnerships, trust, proven technical characteristics and focused marketing.

This revolution advances the usual boundaries through focused and precise strategy and marketing development.

The crypto industry is here to stay. Blockchain technology is used by the masses to make your own money work for you. The market is growing rapidly and irresistible and the Castello Coin offers even conservative investors the chance to participate in the growing value of the markets for art, digital art (NFTs) and digital gold as well as own a payment token fit for the new digital age.

Your Castello Castel

The Castello Coin creates a great opportunity to participate in the growing markets for art, digital art (NFTs), digital gold and more!

The scarcity of tokens and its unique brand identity will make the currency the most hyped in the crypto market in no time.

An international team of experts has developed a global campaign to make the artwork around the the most marketed artwork in the world in the shortest possible time. Thus, the Coin will attract an enormous amount of international attention and will be the first token with a world class artwork as its brand ambassador!

Creating Art Legend

Due to the worldwide uniqueness of the Castello Cube artwork, the is the only coin to receive permanent attention.

Art has always inspired and connected the whole world. But until now, there has been no connection to the digital world. The Castello Coin connects the classical system with the crypto world and new technologies.

The global awareness positions the token on the CRYPTO market as a unique means of payment, for special works of art, NFT and serves as support for talented artists.

Token Key Facts

The Castello Coin uses a blockchain to digitize the funding process for a world class artwork as well as its future use cases. Using the Ethereum blockchain for this offers several advantages such as decentralization, security, automation through smart contracts and simplicity of implementation. Second layer solutions will help achieve upgradability, efficiency and climate-friendliness.

Technical Details

The Castello Coin is based on ERC-20 and acts as a means of payment for high value economic goods & art.

As an upgradable payment token Castello Coin allows to put necessary add-ons to the token design in the next years.

The ERC-20 token standard provides predefined rules that simplify understanding and development of the token.

The use of the Polygon Protocol allows the Castello Coin to achieve climate neutrality and low transaction costs.

The takes advantage of the Ethereum blockchain. Decentralized and secure from attacks.