Carnomaly Ico Review – CARR – Comprehensive Automotive Records Repository

Carnomaly Ico Review

About Carnomaly

Carnomaly is developing the Comprehensive Automotive Records Repository (CARR), powered by block-chain technology. (AVB) will give vehicle owners the power to manage and update their vehicles history report. Along with data from dealers, Insurance companies, collision centers and DMV”s, the will give owners the ability to upload photos of receipts from independent service facilities as well as work they may have completed on their own.

This information will all be stored under each vehicles VIN number and secured behind the blockchain. will also speed up the vehicle ownership transfer. Carnomaly the vehicle owner will have the ability to transfer ownership of the vehicle in real time. This will eliminate the risk of unwanted toll bills, red light cameras and even lawsuits. Carnomaly goal is that one day will be the new worldwide standard in vehicle ownership transfers.

Token Basic Information

Token NameCarnomaly
Token TypeUtility
Token SymbolCarnomaly CARR
Initial Token Price1 Carnomaly CARR = 0.25 USD
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Purchase Car Token on These Exchanges

The Carnomaly automotive rebate was created to allow consumers who purchase new and pre-owned vehicles the opportunity to save more money when purchasing from an authorized automotive dealership. There will be 3 tier levels that token holders can qualify for. Along with the rebates, the tiers will also have additional benefits such as multiple purchases a year allowed for rebates, a Carnomaly Automotive retail representative to help users shop, and gifting your rebate to a friend or family member.

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Consumers who hold CARR tokens will be placed into tiers which will allow certain benefits based on tokens held. The more tokens held, the higher the tier, the better the rebate is. Consumers will be able to get a max of a 30% rebate, which will be given in CARR tokens that must be sold on the marketplace for redemption. As the number of tokens held grows, so does the users membership tier.

The Carnomaly fleet offers

  • DeFi loans for vehicle purchases
  • A superior online buying and selling experience that rewards consumers for purchasing their next vehicle
  • Digital vehicle profiles that automate title transfers, history reports, valuations, and more

Proof of Stake: Why It’s Important

Everyone knows that mining cryptocurrency eats up a tremendous amount of computational power and electrical energy. After all, mining operations are full of high-powered machines buzzing away as they try to hash a candidate block into a confirmed block- a new block on the blockchain — and earn the miner a small but not insignificant share of crypto in the process.

The Role of a Consensus Mechanism

Before Carnomaly dig into what Proof of Stake is and why it’s important, it’s vital to understand the role a consensus algorithm — also called a consensus mechanism — plays in adding new blocks to a blockchain. In traditional, centralized systems like banks, for instance, a single authority controls the system. That authority can make changes however they see fit and determine how things are done without reaching a consensus among thousands of stakeholders.

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Carnomaly fleet of tech solutions solves the inefficiencies

  • Undervalued trades
  • High interest rates
  • Overpaying for vehicles
  • A confusing buying process
  • Inaccurate vehicle history reporting