Carbon Utility Token

What Is Carbon Utility Token (CUT)? Complete Guide Review About Carbon Utility Token.

What Is Carbon Utility Token (CUT)?

The pool of Carbon Offsets used in the CUT project, created through the
reduction of harmful greenhouse gas emissions entering the atmosphere, are
available to be transferred peer-to-peer and can be used to retire the full or
partial Carbon Footprint of any given activity on the blockchain. The Carbon Utility Token (CUT) leverages the trust and immutability of Blockchain Technology to offer a public ledger for certified Carbon Offsets.

Carbon Utility Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameCarbon Utility Token
Short NameCUT
Circulating Supply55,455,801.00 CUT
Total Supply543,122,000
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By creating a transparent blockchain powered technology for producers and consumers of Carbon Offsets, CUT incentivizes growth in these activities which we believe can help to create meaningful and long lasting positive environmental impact. What we want to achieve is measurable climate impact, offering participation in positive action for as many people as possible for a cleaner future that benefits the planet.

The vision of Carbon Utility Token project is to offer technological tools and best practices that provide trust and transparency, bringing this greenhouse gas reducing opportunity to as many individuals, businesses, products, and services as possible.

Increased opportunities for meaningful environmental impact for both large companies and individuals

Carbon Utility Token offer CUT in fractional amounts small enough to allow any user to make a certain activity, business, service, or product either fully or partially Carbon Neutral. At the same time combine this carbon footprint reducing technology with positive green energy projects that reduce emissions and reliance on fossil fuels. By opening this doorway to widespread environmental impact through carbon footprint reduction, they enable individuals and corporations to action tangible climate benefits, and make daily decisions that can effectuate meaningful changes for the environment.

Opportunity for the Development community to increase the project’s reach

The more partnerships and integrations build and observe, the more can increase tangible action against climate change. CUT is able to create integrations and additional use cases through the engagement of developers worldwide and engage other technologies, platforms, organizations and data projects where a Carbon Offset or carbon neutrality can offer value.

Real Utility for Climate Change

Carbon Utility Token create access to the utility of retiring Carbon Offsets through the Carbon Utility Token (CUT). The Offset’s represented by CUT are verified by recognized international protocols such as: ISO, CDM, ETS, VCR, verified from accredited third party organizations. Project examples include, but are not limited to, greenhouse gas capture and destruction, and wind, solar, and small hydro power generation.

What is the utility of the token?

Carbon Utility Token Smart Contract acts as an ideal ledger for storing, distributing, tracking and retiring Carbon Offsets. It is in this unique contract function of retiring where they see the utility of CUT and close the cycle of impact. To offer real visibility into Carbon Offset retirement, rather just just burning away any records of the tokens being retired, they offer tracking of both the living supply as well as the total historical supply of CUT created.

Regardless of whether CUT have been retired or remain in active supply, their history and provenance can be traced to the exact green energy project that produced the Offsets, from inception to retirement.

Ease of Access and Use

In a Carbon market that has traditionally been operated as a brokerage model in many tonnes per transaction, CUT offers access to CO2E retirement previously unavailable directly to consumers in increments that are fractionalized. For the person who wants to offset the Carbon Footprint of individual activities, to the business that wants to make Carbon Neutral certain processes or products, this token allows for units of any size.

The Carbon Utility Token uses blockchain technology to fractionalize a quantity of tonnes into small amounts of grams to be distributed on-demand to offset a much wider range of products and activities from the very small to the very large. This enables CUT to offset greenhouse gas pollution in a much more accurate metric that can still scale to larger projects while allowing smaller projects, businesses and even individuals to participate in meaningful environmental impact.