Carbon Coin

What Is Carbon Coin (CXRBN)? Complete Guide Review About Carbon Coin.

What Is Carbon Coin (CXRBN)?

In 2020 a team of energy traders had a vision on how to not only assist with the world need for renewable energy but also bridge the gap in demand for Carbon Coin off setting by creating the worlds first carbon credit backed cryptocurrency. On mobile the user will be able to find Dapps or DeFi platforms within the Dapp store, or connect directly with any Dapp or DeFi platform using Wallet Connect.

The Carbon Coin was established to assist the world in becoming carbon neutral and digitise the asset of carbon credits. Every token holder will have the option to redeem their coins for carbon credits and will receive an off setting certificate. They ensure that all the projects are fully certified.

The Carbon Coin will also track the Carbon Futures market recently launched in the UK. There is also planning to not only offset emissions directly via carbon credits but also invest company profits in renewable energy projects such as solar farms.

Carbon Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameCarbon Coin
Short NameCXRBN
Circulating Supply5,000,000.00 CXRBN
Total Supply100,000,000
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Carbon Futures

The EUA Futures Contract is a deliverable contract where each Clearing Member with a position open at cessation of trading for a contract month is obliged to make or take delivery of Carbon Emission Allowances to or from the Union registry in accordance with the ICE Futures Europe regulations.

Renewable Energy

A renewable energy source means energy that is sustainable – something that cant run out, or is endless, like the sun. When you hear the term alternative energy its usually referring to renewable energy sources too. It means sources of energy that are alternative to the most commonly used non-sustainable sources – like coal.

Carbon Credits

A carbon credit is a permit that allows the company that holds it to emit a certain amount of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases. One credit permits the emission of a mass equal to one ton of Carbon Coin dioxide. On the Infinity Wallet users can access any Dapp or DeFi platform.

It is one of the first desktop wallets to support connecting to Dapps and DeFi platforms, bringing a new and enhanced experience to users that previously had to use less secure and feature-less browser extensions.

Monitor the market

Providing users with the tools and information they need to stay up to date and catch potential opportunities. Additionally users can receive the latest market news and updates from projects via Beacon announcements. Further improving the user experience, as well as integrating buy/sell from fiat, advanced trading interface for aggregated DEXs and CEXs for more experienced users and much more, further innovating with multiple trading options for all types of users needs.

The Infinity Wallet provides users with all the information they need, so they can easily track and analyse the entire crypto market directly from a single platform. Users can view the overall market, individual coin stats, coin market pairs, individual exchange stats and pairs, set alarms for price changes and much more.

TCC Service Partners

The Carbon Coin was built with the best ethical intentions and so the partner selection process was no different. TCC has chosen the most innovative and forward thinking technology partners to develop and manage the digital currency. The Carbon Offsetting partners are also the lead’s in their field and have the green ethos at heart.

Liquidity Incentives

Carbon Coin will host various rewards programs to incentivize the use of the SZNS protocol. You can find details of the first liquidity incentive program once the $SZNS governance token distribution above is announced. Future incentives will be decided by the community and updated accordingly.

We expect that as the platform matures, the depth of governance will increase as well. We fully envision future features and functionality built and governed by the community. They envision developing into a hub of various NFT services with development led by both the core team and the community.