What Is Cap (CAP)?

What Is Cap (CAP)? Complete Guide Review About Cap.

What Is Cap (CAP)?

Trade directly from your wallet, no account needed. Optionally select leverage up to 50x to multiply potential profits and losses. Trades are free (0% fees). Cap is maintained by a community of internet friends. Find on Discord, Telegram and Twitter. Original research on which CAP v1 is based. The dynamics in later releases are different.

This documentation site contains the latest on how Cap works. Research done on creating efficient market making algorithms to fill orders submitted by traders without compromising LPs. The dynamics used by the dark oracle network to market make on are similar to what is described in this paper.

Cap Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameCap
Short NameCAP
Circulating Supply100,000.00 CAP
Total Supply100,000
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Bug Bounty

Cap will pay you legally acceptable money for finding bugs and exploits in the protocol. Check out the details of the bug bounty program on Immunefi. This will add the Arbitrum network configuration to your Meta Mask wallet, allowing you to connect to Arbitrum One (Arbitrum’s main network).

Next, you’ll want to bridge some ETH, USDC, and/or CAP from Ethereum main net into Arbitrum. The quickest way to do this for ETH and USDC is to use Hop. It allows you to move between Arbitrum and other chains without time delays. There are also other bridges you can use, such as Synapse, cBridge, and Across.You can use Arbitrum’s official bridge at bridge. arbitrum.io to bridge CAP.

Community Ambassador Program

As part of the Community Ambassador Program, your mission is to drive more traders to Cap and grow the community. The scope of your work is limited only by your creativity. This program is not compensated. You would be doing volunteer community work. To apply to be Community Ambassador, simply reach out to on this Discord channel. Anything you do that is ethical (not spam or hard shilling) that grows the community and awareness is acceptable.


Once submitted, your order will appear as “Settling” in your positions panel while it is picked up and priced by the dark oracle network (usually a few seconds). As long as your position is open, it will incur funding, which is charged hourly. The hourly funding rate appears on the confirmation screen prior to opening a position. If your loss exceeds -80% of the margin tied to the position, the position is liquidated. You can choose to avoid liquidation by adding margin to your position.

Add margin

You can add margin to a position by placing an order in the same direction. The amount of margin you submit with your new order will be added to your existing position. This can be useful in scenarios where you want to avoid liquidation or lower your leverage. Your new position is 150 ETH long on BTC-USD with 20 ETH margin, e.g. 7.5× leverage. You’ve successfully added margin and reduced the leverage of your position.

Close a position

Click on the X to close a position. Closing a position will realize its profits or losses. Once your order is submitted, your position’s status will be “Closing” until the dark oracle picks up and prices your order (usually a few seconds). Once settled, a new item appears in your History panel indicating the profit or loss you made.


To begin, go to Pool and connect your wallet with the Arbitrum One network selected. By depositing into a pool, your funds will pay out potential trader profits. In exchange, you’ll receive a portion of trader losses and liquidations based on your share of the pool. Pooling is not risk-free.

There can be prolonged periods of time where traders in aggregate make profits, which can deplete the capital you deposit into the pool. Other risks include smart contract risk and dark oracle network mispricings, which can lead to instant pool depletions. Consider all of these risks before depositing. Only deposit capital you can afford to lose.

Your Rewards

Your rewards will accrue in real-time based on your share of the pool. You can claim rewards any time by clicking on Collect. Your share of the pool will fluctuate based on trader profits, losses, and other LP transfers. Consider all of these risks before depositing. Only deposit capital you can afford to lose.