What Is Camp? (CAMP) Complete Guide Review About Camp.

What Is Camp? (CAMP) Complete Guide Review About Camp.

What Is Camp?

Camp Coin business’ model is divided into seven foundation factors of poverty alleviation and three business models. The seven foundation factors are; Supply of electricity ▪ Supply of medical services ▪ Improved income through labor ▪ Leisure with improvement of income ▪ Vitalization of economic community to make synergy of income improvement ▪ Educational opportunities to improve the quality of life, work and achieve personal vision ▪ Stable supply of safe drinking water More information can be found on the official website.

By utilizing the resources and capabilities of the developing nations to the full extent, bases for virtuous economic cycle are established and the nations voluntarily cut off the vicious cycle of poverty after being economically independent. After all, every developing nation passes through the dark tunnel to have developed life style and shares the opportunity and condition for decent life.

Camp Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameCamp Coin
Short NameCAMP
Circulating Supply
Total Supply10,000,000,000
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Cyclical problem of existing donation

Donations Camp know of are based on basic necessities for daily survival and they are exhaustive donations, of which receiving party must wait for subsequent donation in harsh condition once the consumption is completed.


CAMP’s suggested solution, Impact Donation

Impact Donation, promoted by Global, builds a village’s independent economic infrastructure through donations and builds a sustainable economic system that enables villages to become independent. Through increased profits and reasonable distribution of villagers, the donation becomes a plus that can promote developmental re-investment in another village which is in need of economic independence.

Business Framework

Camp Coin Impact Donation system is designed as a donation for projects for virtuous circle of independent economy in underdeveloped areas and as a capitalization for distribution business which is the basis of capital creation required for system operation. Profits generated by the distribution business become developmental re-investment to the business.

Enough to support economic activities of 5,000 people Solar Hope Camp

Solar Hope usually consists of 10 sectors. Although it can be configured differently depending on the characteristics of the environment, the simulation of ten components shows that 1,000 households of five-person households have enough economic support.

As described above, each Solar Hope can generate 15Kw of electricity per hour. And tropical climates near the equator can get at least seven hours of stable sunlight every day. In this environment, if you calculate the efficiency as 80%, you can see that you can produce 720Kw a day.

CAMP RB Economy

RB Economy is ecosystem of repurchase and incineration. RB Economy uses 10% of the revenue gained from Solar to repurchase Token from the exchange to incinerate, it is the ecosystem that leads increment of the amount of tokens in circulation and value of tokens by decreasing the total amount of tokens.

The Camp Economy is the ecosystem that increases the demand via repurchasing tokens, and reduces the supply via incineration to induce doubled effect of vitalization and increase of value. The incineration of Token is limited to 50% of the amount of tokens distributed in the Crowd Distribution.

Token Economy

Camp Token

There are 4 economies for Token to vitalize the circulation of the tokens, increase in the value of tokens, and market stabilization. They are DDR Economy, RB Economy, SC Payment Economy, and DP Economy.


The characteristics of Camp Coin Economy is that many token businesses assumed unspecified many users to use the tokens, whereas Economy is built on the base of about 80 Million Users who are Ethiopia cooperators and guaranteed company users, and it extends to targeted but unspecified users


1 Crowd Distribution

This is token distributed to the users who would use Token. The amount of tokens allocated for Crowd Distribution is 40% of the total issuing amount: 4 billion Tokens. Crowd Distribution Tokens are firstly bought as the business profits for Solar Camp, and gradually incinerated. The amount is purchased as the proceeds of the Solar project and then locked up to the foundation for a certain period of time.

2 Management

Camp is a token managed by the company for business management and tokens such as business development and regional infrastructure build. It is used to build local infrastructure and is used to expand further business models.

3 Marketing

It is used for overall marketing from the beginning of the business to the progression stage.

4 Expert / Advisor / Team

Camp Coin is a token that is given to the development team, who work hard to develop business models, develop services, and settle in the market, as well as advisors and experts who will lead the business in the future