Ico Review: Earn More Money Caizcoin Liquidity Ico Review: Earn More Money Caizcoin Liquidity

About is the first fatwa certified Islamic cryptocurrency and blockchain that aims to provide financial freedom to everyone. It is based on an innovative, decentralized financial solution that enables fast and cost-efficient international money transfers and is comletely compliant with Islamic financial principles. It is the first to be certified as an official Islamic blockchain and cryptocurrency, its mission is to connect innovative financial solutions with humanity and values—finally allowing everyone, and especially people with Islamic background, to fairly participate in the modern financial world

Caizcoin Ico paves the way for you to manage your financial investments in the most reliable and efficient way. Your investments will be completely safe, hassle-free and compliant with the Islamic financial standards. So, why wait when everything is lined up for your future? Jump on the bandwagon and enjoy the advantages of this future-oriented crypto currency.

Token Basic Information

Token SymbolCaizcoin
Token TypeERC-20
Available for sale800,000,000
Total supply999,999,999
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The mission of this white paper is to clean all the minds of financial evils, to clear the conscience of investors regarding the concept of modern Islamic cryptocurrency, Islamic financial system of justice, and welfare of everyone. The vision of is to revolutionize the cryptocurrency concept, while bringing welfare and profit for all investors, without any cruelty, financial violence or exploitation.

Caizcoin Exchange Listing

Trade On Uniswap

They believe that trust is the key to a growing digital finance. Therefore, they are moving into a direction that provides you with more transparency so that you can sell and buy your in a decentralized way at any time.

Earn More

Become a liquidity provider on Uniswap by adding Caizcoin-ETH or ETH-Caizcoin pairs and earn fees for any trade that is facilitated by that pool.

Why Caizcoin

Blockchain technology

The system integrates Blockchain technology to provide unique identities for Waqf and Zakat Blockchain.

Anonymous for all users

Use a crypto wallet for hassle-free payments all around the world without being identified.

Reliable global system and financial security

They present an efficient global system that covers all aspects while providing the best data security.

Invest In The Perfect Islamic Coin

Decentralized finance is now accessible for everybody.

Crypto token compliant to the Islamic financial standards

No business with companies that are active in areas such as arms, tobacco, adult industry, alcohol, or pork industry.

Use of wallets and exchanges compliant to Islamic Finance standards.

Credit lines complying with Islamic ethics.

Project financing conforming to Islamic norms.

Potential to reach up to 162 trillion USD in global banking assets and investments.

Easy investment in Islamic platform for investment catalog (state directives, shares, property, funds and others)

Be A Satisfies Investor

Reward Program

Be a part of the Caizcoin Loyalty and Reward program.

Crowd Wisdom Refer your friends and family to this great and satisfying investment opportunity.

Reward Mechanism

Earn a commission of 10 % for referrals and mentions on social media.

No Extra Fees

Forget about extra fees while transferring payments to vendors.

Invest As A You Like

Users can deposit and withdraw assets at any time using their PayPal, debit/credit card or crypto wallets.

How do benefit from the Caizcoin tokens?

Once sales are launched, you can purchase tokens with Ethereum, Bitcoin or fiat currency. You will see an instant rise in prices as is a worldwide project. Additionally, you can earn more Caizcoins by referring your friends and family to the world’s first cryptocurrency that is compliant with the Islamic financial rules.

Safe & Secure

Safety is the first priority of the cryptocurrency and safety has been imparted to the nodes by the blockchain that will keep every transaction under the supervision of every node. The exchange and the payments will be checked under a system of payment gateway. E-wallet will also control the transactions in order to make the cryptocurrency secure and safe for every investor.