What Is Bytom.io? (SNM) Complete Guide Review About Bytom.io

What Is Bytom.io? (BTM) Complete Guide Review About Bytom.io

What Is Bytom.io?

Bytom.io is a blockchain-based open-source value-exchange protocol. It aims to tokenize real world assets, such as warrants, securities, dividends and bonds. Users can use the Bytom blockchain to create assets without limits and have these assets circulate freely. the has developed a series of products in addition to the Bytom blockchain. A DeFi protocol – MOV, open cross-chain gateway OFMF (Open federation Management Framework), enterprise blockchain – By stack, a BBFT + Dopes High speed sidechain – Vapor, Data service provider Blocked, Mobile Wallet – By coin, Chrome extension wallet – Byone

Bytom Coin DeFi protocol MOV is comprised of a trading protocol and an Asset Lending protocol. With layer 2 sidechain technology, MOV can support a vast array of Financial products. MOV is a protocol that is dedicated to constant improvement. The consensus mechanism uses POW algorithm that are friendly to AI ASIC chips. Matrix and convolution calculation is introduced
into the hashing process so that the miners can be used for AI hardware acceleration services, generating additional social benefits.

Sonm.com Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameBytom.io
Short NameBTM
Circulating Supply1.43B BTM
Total Supply1,676,265,975
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Bytom.io will support various types of digital assets. Each asset will be identified by
an asset ID, which is a 256-bit string that distinguishes different asset types. By different
asset ID, they can establish the asset categories and associate them with the Asset
Issuance Program and the Asset Management Program. There are two types of assets running on Bytom network: Bytom Token (BTM) and Assets.

Commercial Platform Based On Bytom Blockchain

The blockchain adopts POW consensus algorithm to guarantee the security and decentralization of assets. The side chain Vapor utilizes pluggable technology to realize different solutions. With the public chain and the side chain as infrastructure for commercial platform, the entire bottom layer of blockchain can be connected through an interactive protocol called Federation


Bytom.io token is BTM, which is a special token that is distributed to miners and nodes. The POW mechanism encourage random anonymous miners to get involved in the entire ecosystem. Distribution of the token will follow a determined supply curve. The main uses of the BTM are:

i. Transaction fee for assets trading;
ii. Dividends of income assets;
iii. Deposits for asset issuance.

Take dividend distribution of income assets for example, if the asset issuer decides to use BTC as dividends, he can lock the corresponding amount of BTC via sidechain and convert them into BTM at market rate. This process is executed by contract calling Xrelay through cross-chain operation. For example the conversion with BTC, ETH is completed through.


Bytom Coin a blockchain asset registration and exchange platform usually offers the following services: design of share structure, design of share options and the management, online creation, distribution, authorization planning of option maturity, online creation, granting, approval and signoff of agreements. The platform should also provide enterprises and incubators with customized legal consultation both online and offline so that executives can monitor the status of assets in real-time understanding of equity status and management, so as to create a substantive endorsement of the asset network. Changes in corporate governance can be done through an online smart contract + electronic sign, eliminating the need for complex paperwork


The mission is to bridge the atomic world and the byte world, to build a decentralized network where various byte assets and atomic assets could be registered and exchanged”. will greatly promote the exchange, interaction and flow of byte information and byte assets with value attributes. New byte assets will be created by contract and configuration. They will also create applications on a market-based management protocol in a decentralized way and provide unique incentives for local and global participants in the digital economy.

Bytom.io as a medium, Bytom has been fully prepared to become an economic body to profit from information and an amplifier for information asset performance. In the future, these information assets will not only be used for existing daily work and life, but also can become the provider for AI and IOT that feeds on “data food” , which will further expand its influence on the atomic world.