Burst (BURST) Review : It Is Good Or Bad Coin Read Our 2021 Review

Burst (BURST) Review : It Is Good Or Bad Coin Read Our 2021 Review

About Burst (BURST)

Burst (BURST) Phoenix is an open source, cross-platform wallet for the Burstcoin blockchain. It’s actually two applications: a mobile app, and a desktop/web app. Oh, and BurstJS is in here too. Phoenix is comprised of two main applications: a desktop application and a mobile application, each of which share a common library called BurstJS. The project is structured per platform, and further build/installation instruction can be obtained from the README.md in their respective folders.

Burst (BURST) Angular wallet is a JavaScript application written in Angular and TypeScript. Share your ideas, discuss Burst and help each other. Run ng serve or npm start for a dev server. Navigate to http://localhost:4200/. The app will automatically reload if you change any of the source files. Run ng build or npm build to build the project. The build artifacts will be stored in the dist/ directory. Use the --prod flag for a production build.

Burst (BURST) Storage Key Points

Coin NameBurst
Short NameBURST
Market Cap$39,589,078
Total Supply2,120,642,444
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Max Supply2,158,812,800
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The Pioneer of Hard Drive Mining and Smart Contracts

Sustainable. Truly Decentralized. Rock solid. Since 2014.


Burst (BURST Mining with a hard drive reduces energy consumption by several dimensions compared to conventional mining concepts based on GPU or ASIC

Blockchain Platform

Burst (BURST is not just a coin, but a feature rich public blockchain solution, with various payment modalities, turing-complete smart contracts engine, private messaging, inbuilt token/coin creation

Open Source

Burst (BURST is supported by a huge international community, with thousands of active members. Several developers are steadily working on improvements to make the platform even better.

Fair and Decentralized

Burst (BURST exists since 2014 and had no pre-mine. Its unique and innovative Proof of Commitment consensus reduces risk of centralized mining farms and makes the chain even more robust against malicious attackers.

The Ultimate Burstcoin Crypto Wallet

Burst (BURST is a next-generation wallet application for the Burstcoin blockchain

Secure Transactions

Burst (BURST Transactions are signed locally, your passphrase is never sent over the wire.

Manage Multiple Accounts

Burst (BURST Securely manage multiple accounts, and watch accounts for added security.

Multi-language Support

Burst (BURST Blockchain is global and so is Phoenix. The wallet supports over 30 languages.

View Balance History

Burst (BURST View your balance history over time, in different currencies.


Burst (BURST Take Phoenix with you anywhere: mobile, desktop, and web.

Phoenix is Unstoppable

Burst (BURST Send Burst to .crypto/.zil domains using Phoenix

One-click Installation

Burst (BURST You do not need to be an expert to install the wallet. Just download and install with one click. No further configuration is necessary. It has never been so easy to install a Burstcoin wallet

Simplest Account Creation

Burst (BURST Using the account creation wizard, it is very easy to create an account with a secure passphrase. The integrated account activation further simplifies the creation process. Of course, existing accounts can be imported at least as easily.

Automatic Secure Updates

Burst (BURST In case of a new available version you will be notified automatically. The built-in update mechanism allows you to comfortably download the latest version from a verified source.

Rapid Customer Support

Burst (BURST Apps Team developers are friendly and available on GitHub, Discord, and Telegram.