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Bullet proof hosting Web Hosting Review: Bullet Proof Hosting VS Regular Hosting.

About Bullet proof hosting

Although the true location of your server remains unknown, Mostly your dedicated server or Web Hosting will be officially hosted in an indestructible building on former NATO property in the Netherlands Or Russia. Bullet proof hosting are protected by any cost which they believe in regarding freedom of speech and privacy. They are proved to be a partner of CyberBunker is the only true independent hosting provider in the world. They value freedom of speech and have always stood for privacy and the protection of your clients. They are committed to providing secure hosting services for businesses, consumers, and organizations.

Bullet proof hosting servers are hosted in nuclear-protected facilities across the globe. Your first nuclear bunker, located in the Netherlands, has provided with the experience and the drive to provide hosting services to controversial clients who are harassed by governments and other organizations. Your unique hardened facilities to protect your servers from intruders, attackers and government meddling. Servers are hosted in Nuclear Protected Facilities across the globe.

Your Infrastructure is hosted in the state of the art Ecatel Datacenter, located in Amsterdam, connected to Internet backbone providers in The Netherlands and premium International links. Located in a former military bunker beneath a mountain deep within the Swiss Alps, Super-secure data centre is widely known as the Swiss Fort Knox. freedom of speech to everyone. Bullet proof hosting operate your own Small Data center. Which will provide you full privacy and anonymous access to the world of internet. They believe freedom of speech to every one.

Some Quick Facts Bullet proof hosting Web Hosting

Bullet proof hostingBasic Details
Hosting NameBullet proof hosting
Email SupportN/A
Call SupportN/A
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Bullet proof hosting Price

Blazing Fast Network

Direct connection to top IP-Transit suppliers ensuring minimal data transmission latency in Europe, Asia and America. Because of your generously designed network design, they do offer an excellent uptime. Your high priority is client privacy, They won’t share, rent or share your data information’s, you will have high privacy with your services. Bullet proof hosting your Stuff is not allowed only Zlevel staff are allowed to monitor. They rent your server in a data centre which is located in a nuclear bunker that was designed to survive a nuclear war.

Even without war, the bunker remains impenetrable. In 2007 City Hall accompanied by the local police and fire brigade made an attempt to enter the building by force. Bullet proof hosting hydraulic tools that are normally used to cut open car wrecks, the fire brigade attempted to open the outer set of blast doors. By the time they gave up the doors were damaged but remained closed. Their attempts were futile. City hall paid € 24500.- euro in damages The Data Centre in order to get the doors fixed again.

Server Delivery

Server delivery is 12-72 hours, except for some servers where its possible to wait for HW upgrade. Bullet proof hosting reserve the right to hold off server delivery until the full server is received. Billing period will be started after the server is delivered. If you get a dedicated server from, your service will be managed. They will help you regarding any issue, so you not need to worry about anything. They will keep your servers online “no matter what“. They will protect your servers from hurricanes, earthquakes, crashing aeroplanes, (nuclear) bombs, floods and anything else that could interrupt the hosting of your servers.

However, the biggest threat usually is the hosting provider that takes your servers offline if they receive complaints from others. As long as your hosting fee is paid Bullet proof hosting will do anything in its power to keep your servers up. In addition, they protect your servers also from others who might want to take your servers down like the DMCA, your competitors, authorities, burglars, governments and terrorists.


If you want to customize your dedicated server’s configurations you have the ability to do, for any questions please contact and they will do the best to assist you. You won’t be charged with any setup fees, all will be free and they will set up your dedicated server as soon as possible once receive the order. Bullet proof hosting partnered with various datacenters in offshore locations, primarily in the Netherlands. They also work closely with CyberBunker to keep your data at a true offshore location. The data you store on either shared hosting, VPS or dedicated server is inaccessible Safe only your Z class staff are authorized to hander your data. That makes Only you have access.


Here security is a priority, maintaining the highest possible security standards. From the physical server security to your digital data, Anti-DDoS Protection included. They provide support from your professional team of Hackers, Cyber Tech staff that promises to maintain your customer privacy. Provide you 24/7/365 free support. If it turns out that your website or need outgrows VPS hosting, you may upgrade to more superior hosting at any point of time, inclusive of Dedicated Hosting.

Bullet proof hosting can upgrade to any hosting plans at any point of time. You can get in touch with your team of experts and they will help you with the migration process. Your policy is to not censor nor to inspect anything you host and suspend only with a valid court order, however, they don’t tolerate any criminal activities.

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