What Is Budbo Token (BUBO)?

What Is Budbo Token (BUBO)? Complete Guide Review About Budbo Token.

What Is Budbo Token (BUBO)?

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Budbo Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameBudbo Token
Short NameBUBO
Circulating Supply82,176,185.01 BUBO
Total Supply200,000,000
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Relentless Perseverance towards a Higher Pursuit

The global cannabis industry is a fractured ecosystem of complex laws, stringent compliance, and home to the world’s foremost exciting and emerging marketplace. What was once considered taboo by the majority your planet’s power structures, cannabis is now an unparalleled landscape of growth and opportunity.

Comprised of medical professionals, researchers, farmers, patients, artists, recreational users, and just about everything in between, the Budbo Token community is proud to announce it’s return with an amazing suite of blockchain solutions for this amazing industry.

The flagship product of your family’s vision

Budbo Token delivers a sleek, one-of-kind user experience for finding and ordering locally available cannabis strains and products. Budbo is always looking to expand your ever-growing family. They are currently on-boarding dispensaries, retailers, and collectives onto your mobile app, at no cost to you.

Verifiable ledger for ancillary cannabis services

Budbo Token blockchain DAPPS ensure an immutable, verifiable ledger for all ancillary cannabis services. Contact for a testing environment and to work with your developers integrating your current systems, uninterrupted, to harness the power of blockchain. They also work with federal, state and local governments on blockchain integration for regulatory management and fulfillment.

Product from seed to consumer

Budbo Token tracking applications give unprecedented visibility into precious cargo. Whether you’re needing to track shipments from the farm’s warehouse to the manufacturer or you are looking to track your whole fleet of delivery drivers has you covered. Using both mobile and electronic onboard recorders, blockchain powered telematic solutions are best-in-class and designed specifically for the cannabis industry’s needs.

Tokens and cryptocurrencies

Supported by Budbo Token partners at MATIC, your payment and rewards gateway uses an intuitive layer 2 scaling solution for lightning fast transactions and uninterrupted security. They have the right but not the obligation, in your sole discretion, to edit, refuse to post, or remove any user content.

They do not claim any ownership rights in your User Content and nothing in these Terms of Service is intended to restrict any rights that you may have to use and exploit your User Content. They have no obligation to monitor or enforce your intellectual property rights in or to your User Content.