What Is Btu-protocol? (BTU) Complete Guide Review About Btu-protocol.

What Is Btu-protocol? (BTU) Complete Guide Review About Btu-protocol.

What Is Btu-protocol?

Btu-protocol is a peer-to-peer booking protocol. BTU Protocol enables direct business (0% commission) between consumers & many kinds of service providers. They believe that centralization has led to an imbalance where online platforms are gaining more power over the actual service providers who bear the operational costs and investments. Digital network effects are preventing existing players from operating in a free market. Poseidon Storage Key Points

Btu-protocol Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameBtu-protocol
Short NameBTU
Circulating Supply90,514,215.67 BTU
Total Supply100,000,000
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BTU powers bankless apps


Your Btu-protocol Coin are precious. They can be staked or exchanged for fiat (US Dollar, Euros…), crypto (Ether, Bitcoin…), NFT or gift cards.

Legally compliant

Your BTU are compliant crypto-files. They have been issued by 808 Labs SAS, a legal entity duly incorporated in Paris, France.


Your Btu-protocol know no borders. They are always with you at home or abroad. BTU cashback are available in over 100 countries.


Your BTU are rare. There are only 100 million BTU in existence in the world. No new BTU can ever be created or issued.

BTU inherits crypto powers


Btu-protocol Coin are yours. They cannot be seized remotely by a third party. While you keep the keys to your wallet, you are effectively acting as your own bank.

Freely transferable

Your BTU are yours. You can decide when and to whom BTU are sent. Share your BTU peer to peer or pay for services at BTU processor equipped merchants.

Never expire

Your BTU are forever. Unlike typical rewards or loyalty points, your BTU never expire. From each distribution, your ownership is recorded on the blockchain.

Always on

Btu-protocol are always accessible. There are no week-ends, no bank holidays, no maintenance and no downtime. Availability has been 100% since 2018.

BTU builds on Ethereum software


Your BTU are private. They are linked to your public address. Your identity is only known and can only be revealed by yourself.


Your BTU are genuine. They cannot be replaced by fake ones. Each BTU has a unique history stored in the blockchain.


Btu-protocol Coin are ERC-20 compliant tokens. They can be custodied on Ledger devices or with insured suppliers such as Bitgo.


Your BTU are programmable. They are working together with other money legos to power innovative bankless applications.

BTU runs on Polygon network


Your BTU are secured by a network of 100 validators itself replicated by 5000+ computers.


Btu-protocol applications can scale to thousands of transactions per second on the polygon network.


Your BTU transfers are always processed in less than 4 seconds on the polygon network.

Energy efficient

Your BTU is stored by default on the proof of stake low emission polygon blockchain network.

The BTU token

The Btu-protocol Coin token is an ERC20 token working in conjunction with a ERC-808 standard
reference implementation contract that is compliant with most booking processes.
The BTU token is issued on top of Ethereum public infrastructure. It can be used as :

  • Deposit value for booking a resource : The deposit is an incentive for any Booker to cancel its reservation on time. If the resource is not released, the deposit will be kept by the resource owner.
  • Reward mechanisms : BTU tokens can be used to reward usage of the protocol. This
    would incentivize consumption of those resources through the BTU infrastructure
    rather than via other legacy and incumbent platforms that may list the same

Existing cashback solutions create unnecessary friction in the consumer experience.

  • Privacy conscious consumers are reluctant to share their bank details. They know hacks happen and they want privacy by design.
  • Demanding consumers do not want to wait and reach minimum amounts in order to withdraw their funds.
  • Global consumers shop with foreign brands, or they simply do not have bank accounts. They require agility from merchants.
  • Young consumers are demanding and environmentally responsible. They seek instant transactions on a least energy consuming network.
  • Smart consumers do not like to be locked into useless expirable points programs. They demand freedom, real ownership and tangible value.

Frictionless user on-boarding

Btu-protocol good bankless cashback experience means consumers start earning upon install. No need to share personal details. BTU Protocol solution enables token custody in a customizable mobile wallet. Web and mobile plugins are then used to identify users only by their public blockchain address. With the confidence that their tokens are easily, securely and privately earned, consumers are more eager to spend and participate to cashback programs.

Instant token distribution

A great bankless cashback experience includes swift distribution of tokens thanks to easy to set-up integration with merchant systems. Btu-protocol Protocol solution covers the end-to-end token distribution worklow, from sale tracking, to notification, to pending rewards and actual reception. Powerful and easy-to-use APIs integrate bankless cashback into existing business processes in order to delight consumers.

Complete token processing

Btu-protocol Coin stunning bankless cashback experience would not be complete without a swift processing of tokens. BTU Protocol gasless processing solution enables exchange of tokens for other digital files such as bitcoin, gift cards, non fungible tokens (NFT), DeFi stakes or even physical products. With the confidence that their tokens can easily be exchanged for something of value, consumers are more eager to spend and participate to cashback programs.