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What Is BOX (BOX)? Complete Guide Review About BOX.

What Is BOX (BOX)?

A allows users post various inconveniences experienced in life with ideas for improvement and adds value to the inconvenience experienced by providing BOX Token as a reward to users who have contributed to the improvement of service quality. Inconvenience gives reasonable rewards to users who provided the inconvenience data experienced directly within Token ecosystem designed using Blockchain and is a B2B2C platform that enables companies and organizations to purchase secure innovation experience data protected from forgery / alteration at an affordable cost.

The inconvenience data, or Negative Data, has an average of three times more value than Positive Data. They provide sparse data the fastest. Data reliability is high by utilizing the latest technology of the 4th industrial revolution. Procure security, integrity, and reliability of data by utilizing Blockchain technology for the first time in the CS industry.

BOX Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameBOX
Short NameBOX
Circulating Supply95,301,675.50 BOX
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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Minor inconveniences

BOX According to the Wharton School’s report on dissatisfied customers research, an average person experiences an average of 20 major and minor inconveniences per day, but only 6% of those complaints report directly to businesses. Of 63% of customers remain silent and move to other services or brands, and 31% of customers exist as a RISK that can damage the image of the company by rapidly spreading negative feedback through family and friends. According to the Korea Data Industry Promotion Agency, the future data industry market is expected to exceed 47 trillion won by 2027.

Discover and improve inconveniences

Data is increasing due to fair compensation for data and sales at reasonable prices, and will be an innovation factor that provides innovative ideas to both individuals and businesses. This is a data platform for innovative companies striving to improve their products and white social justice warriors that will change the world. BOX blockchain technology has been applied to provide reliable and safe data without forgery/alteration of data so that users who produce ideas to discover and improve inconveniences can receive reasonable reward.

Continuous analysis

Toss’s new free credit rating inquiry service through continuous analysis of the inconvenience data has reached 12 million cumulative users since its launch in 2017 and is actively used for the improvement of inconveniences for business use with its success of over 23 million cumulative loan applications of ‘Find Loan That’s Right for You’ and KRW 1.2 trillion accumulated loan amount. “Toss, a financial app that has rapidly grown by listening to customers’ inconvenience through a campaign to collect users’ inconvenience data, has continuously provided services to improve inconveniences, and now has become the first fin tech unicorn company in Korea.”

Inconvenience Data

App users create and upload data of experienced inconvenience and ideas in free forms within the app. When writing, to prevent forgery/alteration, additional writing is not allowed. BOX After a certain period of time after the inconvenience data is completed, the wallet generated when membership is registered according to the score. The ecosystem of the consists of the seller consisting of inconvenience data writing’. ‘improvement idea writing’, and the buyer of inconvenience data’ and ‘third parties’.

Unlike traditional randomized research and surveys of a number of questions with passive answering, consumers of can easily and voluntarily create and access all experienced services, product policies, and infrastructure inconveniences in the form of text rather than choice. Existing survey and opinion gathering systems involve writing or selecting numerous questions in complex and cumbersome formats, and offline systems carry the burden of face-to-face delivery.

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