Bob's Repair Ico Review

Bob’s Repair Ico Review – Smart Contractors. Smart Contracts.

About Bob’s Repair

The Prandecki brothers started the company in 2014 with a goal to change the industry in Air conditioning and Heating. It is ran by the eldest brother Fred who operates the company on empathy, honesty, and mindfulness. He strives everyday to provide his customers with honest, quality workmanship. Customers are the #1 priority for Bob’s Repair and that is evident in your customer service. There are no hidden costs with Bob’s Repair transparent pricing system. They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee with a 5 year labor warranty and 10 year warranty on parts. We work with major distributors and work everyday to provide you with the best quality products.

Bob’s Repair Key Information

Token NameBob’s Repair
Soft cap6,000 ETH
Hard cap30,000 ETH
Tokens for sale180,000,000
Average price0.01 USD
AcceptingETH, BTC, Fiat
Token SymbolBOB
Token TypeERC20
Price in ICO0.1273 USD
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WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

The Game Change Team Behind Bob’s Repair

Bob's Repair Ico Review - Smart Contractors. Smart Contracts.

No Advertising Fees

Competitors in the home repair space advertise that their service is “free,” when they actually charge contractors a large amount of money for advertising services. The result of this is that they send customers to the highest bidder, which is often a large company that charges up to 50% more for their home repair services instead of sending the work directly to qualified workers that can get the job done for less. A lack of transparency in pricing results in higher prices for consumers. Bob’s Repair will allow customers to see how much contractors have previously been charging for similar jobs, making pricing transparent.

Trust with Blockchain

Fraudulent reviews mislead consumers. Bob’s Repair will use Blockchain technology to link actual financial transactions to reviews, bringing trust back to the review process. Bob’s Repair will use the STEEM Blockchain due to its three second transaction time, no transaction costs, ability to up vote, flag posts, and build a user reputation. The Prandecki brothers have previously facilitated over 50,000 service calls generating over $1,000,000 USD in revenue. They know the problems facing the home repair industry and how to fix them. A lack of transparency in pricing results in higher prices for consumers. Bob’s Repair will allow customers to see how much contractors have previously been charging for similar jobs, making pricing transparent.

The Problems

One, review fraud. Due to review fraud, consumers can no longer trust online reviews. A company fraud happens in a number of ways. Companies artificially inflate their overall ratings by purchasing fake reviews and paying for the removal of negative reviews. Companies also artificially deflate the ratings of their competitors by purchasing fake negative reviews. A result, consumers can no longer trust search listings, such as local Google recommendations, Home Advisor, and Yelp. Without legitimate reviews, consumers cannot make educated choices, which leads to hiring the contractor with the most advanced fraud practices as opposed to the best service or pricing.

The Solution

The Bob Application will consist of a sophisticated iOS, Android, and web application. The Bob Application leverages blockchain technology to fight review fraud. The Bob Application will be built on the STEEM blockchain due to its three second transaction time and no transaction costs.

The Bob Application will store all financial transactions that take place on Bob’s Repair on the blockchain. Then, when both sides of a transaction – consumer and contractor – leave a review, Bob’s Repair will link that review to the actual financial transaction. By linking reviews with actual financial transactions, consumers can trust that the review is real and unaltered. Real reviews, from real consumers, provides better information so consumers can make better decisions.

Token Economics

BOB-S Tokens are a separate token classification from the Bob’s Repair BOB token. BOB-S will soon be in circulation (but locked for 12 months per our Obligations under Reg. D). The difference between the tokens is is fairly simple – BOB-S shall be minted and tendered with profit-sharing goals and objectives in mind for its holders, similar to a preferred stock, in compliance with Securities and Exchange Commission rules.

The BOB-S Token will feature a profit-sharing like mechanism. The BOB-S Token is the investor’s stake in Bob’s Repair. Bob’s Repair will use 50 percent of all quarterly profits to purchase BOB-S Tokens on the open market and then burn them. This ensures that the value of the BOB-S Tokens grows over time, as Bob’s Repair grows through the United States and internationally.