Ico Review: 12.5% Operational Needs And Team Reward Ico Review: 12.5% Operational Needs And Team Reward

About Token is the platform’s currency which allows you to save or transfer any financial instrument both inside the exchange and outside the exchange space. In addition to the standard financial instrument, the Token provides additional opportunities for holders of this asset, both in financial and administrative terms. At the same time, the Token is a standard payment instrument.

The exchange’s existence was quite ordinary, until the time of the exchange’s transfer to the ownership of GN ST. Their efforts, a new concept was developed, significant technical improvements were made, and stable financing of the project was established. Since then, has stopped being one of the exchanges, and has become a unique project. uniqueness of the project is the exchange management system, all important key decisions are made by voting of the Token holders. This management system allows the team to always be in the trend and offer the most complete and convenient services for its users. In fact, the GN ST team is just the management company, and the highest governing body is the traders themselves. Key Information

Ico time25 Feb 2021 – 25 Apr 2021
Availaible For Sale87,500,000 BNIX (35%)
Total Supply250,000,000 BNIX
Token TypeERC-20
Token SymbolBNIX
IEO Price1 BNIX = 0.15 USD
KYCKYC & Whitelist
Pre-sale Time25 Dec 2020 – 15 Feb 2021
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Guaranteed listing, trading today.​

The Token is already a valid financial instrument. Nowadays, The is traded in pairs with the main cryptocurrencies, \BTC, \ETH, \USDT, \XRP and others. At the end of the three rounds of IEO, the Token is guaranteed to be listed on a pre-planned date.

Reduced trading fees and commissions on margin trading.

Users of can reduce the trading commission by up to 50% while using Token. For margin trading users will be able to reduce the interest rate by almost 50%.

Priority listing of new tokens and access to the IEO platform with an exclusive discount.

When adding new coins and tokens to the listing on the Cryptocurrency Platform .com, in the first 3 days such coins and tokens will be available for trading exclusively in pairs with Token. Users of the Cryptocurrency Platform will be able to participate in the initial exchange offers of projects that will pass the selection procedure on the exchange.

Bnix Roadmap

Q3 2020

Acquisition of the exchange, legal formalities for changing ownership.
Changing the algorithm and updating the exchange’s website, marketing events.
Development of the BNIX Token concept.
Development of BNIX Token, marketing events.

Q4 2020

Marketing activities, financial support of the project.
Start of the exchange
IEO Private pre-sale BNIX Token.

Q1 2021

● Distribution of pre-sale tokens to holders according to the plan.
● IEO Public round, 1st stage of placement.
● Distribution of tokens of the first public round by the holder according to the plan.

Q2 2021

● Launch complex orders on the exchange.
● IEO Public round, 2nd stage of placement.
● Distribution of tokens in the second public round by the holder according to the plan.
● Buyout of unused BNIX tokens.

Q3 2021

● Payment of remuneration, according to the partner program, “bounty” BNIX Token.
● Launch of the voting system for BNIX Token holders.
● Distribution of tokens according to the plan, distribution of the total issue of tokens.
● Listing-issue, free sale of BNIX tokens.

Q4 2021

● Launch of margin trading,
● Adding trading pairs.
● Development, testing and launch of a mobile app

Q1 2022

● Conducting two third-party IEO and listing of tokens selected by voting of Token holders.
● Marketing activities and technical improvements.

Q2 2022

● Listing of BNIX Token on partner resources (exchanges).
● Development of a plan for further development of the project, voting among BNIX Token holders.

Emission Ico Review: 12.5% Operational Needs And Team Reward

BNIX Token referral program:

PIEO Token Exchange referral Program. Upon completion of the IEO, you will receive a reward from each user who registered using your referral code and purchased tokens. As a partner, you receive a reward according to the following scheme:
• you receive: 10% of the user’s wallet balance. 

• 10% commission paid by your referrals Also, once a month, a raffle is held among referral partners with a prize pool of 500.