BlueChip Capital Token

What Is BlueChip Capital Token (BCC)? Complete Guide Review About BlueChip Capital Token.

What Is BlueChip Capital Token (BCC)?

NFT’s are becoming more and more mainstream, a flood of new projects are entering the market. With that, the potential for bad actors has become increasingly high. Keeping up with all these new projects across chains is a daunting task on your own; it takes time, liquidity, and know-how to be consistently successful. BlueChip Capital Token takes the complexities and time away from the average user traveling throughout the NFT space.

BlueChip Capital Token team and advisors all have access to groundbreaking NFT startup projects and can properly determine value on existing projects. They will use your expertise along with a team of advisors to buy and sell NFTs for profit. That profit will then be added to the $BCC price floor.

BlueChip Capital Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameBlueChip Capital Token
Short NameBCC
Circulating Supply105,863,460 DEXT
Total Supply147,783,255 DEXT
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What Is BlueChip Capital Token (BCC)? Complete Guide Review About BlueChip Capital Token.

NFTs Yield

BlueChip Capital Token will also look to invest in high APY NFT farms. The end goal is to offer $BCC investors to claim those yields generated from the project, in the form of said projects token. The generated yield tokens will then be claimable on the $BCC dashboard. This feature gives $BCC investors options. Investors could hold an NFT token for potential resale, or use that token for an in-game event.

For example, if BlueChip Capital Token had a stake in a particular NFT project that required it’s own token to mint a next generation event. $BCC holders could potentially claim that token necessary to mint that next generation NFT.  This strategy will further separate BlueChip Capital from others, as its additional utility will diversify the portfolios and increase the options available for $BCC holders.

NFTs Launchpad

BlueChip Capital Token will be appealing to NFT startup projects. They can provide vetted candidates looking to create a new NFT project with the following: NFT contract, NFT backend and API/metadata, NFT minting event DAPPs and initial raise management and advice. They can see a project through its initial launch. In return for your building services, they require a vested investment into $BCC. This strategy is a win a win for all parties related to $BCC. 

NFT projects receive a secured contract/project launch for a time locked investment into $BCC. $BCC holders benefit from the price floor raise.  Furthermore, this will give opportunities into whitelist/seed-phase-events which will increase our profit to buyback $BCC. BlueChip Capital is more than just a typical capital token. BlueChip Capital is a capital aggregator with building mechanics specifically targeting NFTs.


BlueChip Capital Token plans on creating a platform that offers fractional ownership of various NFTs within the $BCC treasury. This will create a “mini DAO” around each fractionalized NFT, which allows holders to join via buying ownership or sacrificing BCC tokens. Thus, increasing your burn function. Fractional owners will be able to watch current offers on their NFTs from various secondary marketplaces, and then vote on accepting or rejecting said offers.

Once sold, said NFT’s profit will be redistributed to the DAO members and the portion owned by our treasury will be used to buy back $BCC. These BlueChip Prints are still in development. These features will go live once the treasury has reached a capacity in which doing so does not affect your yields returned to $BCC holders through NFT sales.

WEB 3.0

BlueChip Capital Token is a capital aggregator with building mechanics. $BCC will seek out and strategically buy NFTs through whitelist/public mints or secondary markets. The profits from these strategies will then be used to buy back $BCC. In addition, $BCC will provide NFT infrastructure and launchpad services to startup projects, after said projects have been extensively vetted by the $BCC team.

BlueChip Capital Token investors will reap the rewards of the burn mechanism, the treasury allocations, the NFT building capabilities and the reflections from being a member of the $BCC community. Create unique trading strategies, anticipate market movements, search for big spreads, track and copy the most profitable wallets and much more.