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What Is Bloomzed Loyalty Club Ticket (BLCT)? Complete Guide Review About Bloomzed Loyalty Club Ticket.

What Is Bloomzed Loyalty Club Ticket (BLCT)?

This is a universal product, providing simultaneous work with all existing customer reward systems. Using the reward tools of the Bloomzed Loyalty Club Ticket, you will get rid of a necessity to use a large number of cards or mobile applications. All your cashback, discounts and bonuses will be collected in one loyalty system, which is very convenient and practical. The second level is the closed part of the BZT Loyalty Club, which includes only those users of the Bloomzed system who have uploaded one BZT membership cryptocurrency token into the system. Members of the closed part of the BZT Loyalty Club receive additional opportunities.

Bloomzed Loyalty Club Ticket Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameBloomzed Loyalty Club Ticket
Short NameBLCT
Circulating Supply38,000,000.00 BLCT
Total Supply100,000,000
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How to use the tools of the BZT Loyalty Club?

To access the services of the BZT Loyalty Club it is enough to download the Bloomzed application and use it as a payment tool in partner networks. The moment you make a payment, the Bloomzed system automatically identifies existing loyalty program at the sales outlet and allows you to get a benefit.

Bloomzed Loyalty Club Ticket All available discounts, cash backs and bonuses are awarded to you automatically; they can be seen in the relevant section of the application. To get access to the BZT Referral Program, as well as to the additional opportunities of the closed part of the BZT Loyalty Club, you need to upload 1 BZT membership token (Bloomzed Token) into the system.

What is the BZT Loyalty Club?

The Bloomzed Loyalty Club Ticket is a software and hardware package included in the structure of the Bloomzed project, which is the universal loyalty system of the Bloomzed project, aimed at stimulating interest in the project products on the part of users of the system. This direction of the project is focused on involving consumers in the process of analysis, development, testing and participation in marketing activities, social surveys, and attracting new members to the project.

For active participation and involvement, users receive a number of opportunities and privileges from the project and its partners (discounts, bonuses, cash backs, etc.). This makes participation in the club useful and interesting for its members as well as for the Bloomzed project. The first level is the open part of the BZT Loyalty Club, which includes all users of the Bloomzed system. Any user who has installed the Bloomzed application on his mobile device becomes a member of the club and gets access to loyalty tools – Discounts, Bonuses, Cash backs, Gift Certificate Service, Wallet for discount and bonus cards.

BZT Membership Token

Bloomzed Loyalty Club Ticket is a cryptocurrency token, which is a “ticket” to the closed part of the BZT Loyalty Club. By uploading one BZT membership token, you can become a member of the closed part of the club and get access to the tools available only to members of the closed part of the club. In fact, membership tokens are a tool that identifies the involvement in the closed part of the club and allows to get the corresponding opportunities, privileges according to the rules of participation in the BZT Loyalty Club. The BZT tokens uploaded into the system are to be returned in accordance with the rules of participation in the BZT Loyalty Club. BZT tokens are issued by smart contract of the ERC 20 standard.

MDT Integration in MailTime Email Messenger

Messenger apps have become the preferred means for communicating for simplicity, but the market is fragmented. All the messengers, such as Bloomzed Loyalty Club Ticket, Facebook Messenger, Skype have proprietary, closed platforms. To use them, you have to be on the same platforms as all of your friends. According to the latest report from Tencent Penguin Intelligence, they chat now has 889m active users as of 2016. In April 2016, Facebook Messenger also boasted 120m monthly active users. On these huge platforms, users manage their social lives, bank accounts, transportation, entertainment and many other services.

To make their users stay and invest more time and money, platforms like Bloomzed Loyalty Club Ticket chat and Facebook spare no efforts to develop as many features as they can. Meanwhile, these huge platforms are closed networks where users can only interact and communicate with others in the network, and use services and features exclusively on the same platforms. Users are increasingly living their digital lives in different closed bubbles controlled by different giant tech companies. The number of daily active users who spend over 4 hours per day has doubled since last year.

MDT Ecosystem

As the second important element of the MDT ecosystem, Mail Time Email Messenger is launching soon on the iOS and Android app markets first. Being an open communication platform is not enough, in the future, Mail Time Email Messenger is going to be a blockchain-based, open messaging platform to support the new currency MDT, and help establish the new MDT economy.

The Bloomzed Loyalty Club Ticket Email Messenger team are veterans of messaging apps. They have successfully developed two popular messenger apps, Mail Time and Talk box Voice Messenger app. Mail Time is built on top of an open protocol to enable it to become as pervasive as email or text messaging, with maximum market potential.

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