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What Is Blockidchain? (BID) Complete Guide Review About Blockidchain.

What Is Blockidchain?

Blockidchain Coin is an online cryptocurrency exchange with instant matching engines and margin trading facilities to ensure the quick, accurate, and profitable buying and selling of cryptos. also has its own digital blockchain wallet that offers up to 13.5% interest on funds. They also have a blockchain explorer feature with customizable analytics and candlestick charts and graphs. Traders can track industry leader portfolios to find which trades and which currencies might be the most lucrative at present. was established in 2011 with the aim of becoming a leader in the cryptocurrency economy. The company was initially called and was meant to track all Bitcoin trades. In 2012, it was renamed The platform believes in a future where cryptos will power an entirely digital financial system.

To this end, they have cryptocurrency trading services, a Blockidchain wallet for storing digital currencies, lending services, as well as various data creation systems for the blockchain economy. This review will provide you with all its features and services. Launched on 08/04/2020 by a team based in the United States of America (USA), BLOCKIDCOIN aims to use blockchain technology to capture, use, or store fingerprints.

Blockidchain Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameBlockidchain Coin
Short NameBID
Circulating Supply
Total Supply60,000,000
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How Does Work?

  • Users can buy, sell or exchange cryptos on the platform at an impressive speed.
  • Users can fund their accounts with different fiats like USD (American Dollar), GBR (British Pounds), EUR (Euro), and TRY (Turkish Lira)
  • Most popular cryptocurrencies like BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum), and many more are supported.
  • Investors can trade in over 40 different currency pairs through the platform.
  • The exchange displays live prices for different currency pairs, and traders can place market orders, stop orders, or limit orders to exchange these currencies.
  • Investors can also increase their profits by five times by using margin trading facilities.
  • Its trading prices are generally lower than other cryptocurrency exchanges as per industry standards.
  • It also provides detailed charts and analytics of top blockchain portfolios so that their users can make informed decisions.

Key Features

  • *Passive Income Masternode
  • *Staking Functions
  • *Decentralization
  • *Low Fees
  • *Instant Payment
  • *High Scalability
  • *Privacy

Why Choose Us?

  • Low Cost Fees
  • Decentralized Network
  • Instant Payment
  • High Speed Transfers
  • Scalability

Welcome to Blockidchain Community

Blockidchain Coin Secured Fingerprints Central Ledger. BID is a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) and Masternode (MN) coin whose final mobile app will have a fingerprint data-bank functionality integrated.


Blockidcoin is a blockchain project that will use blockchain technology to develop and implement human fingerprint database that would remain unaltered. The fingerprint global identity data-bank, when launched, will solve the issue of identity theft and guarantee easy recognition in a secured and immutable cryptographic data-bank that will be accessible to everyone globally.


  • Minimum Collateral: 100BID
  • Maximum Collateral: 180000BID
  • TXN Confirmations: 20 Blocks
  • Reward: 99.5%

Safe and Secure

Blockidchain Coin is said to be very safe. All trades and funds are protected with multiple layers of security. But reviews are very varied with regards to this feature. Some users mention multiple security breaches.

Low Trading Fees cryptocurrency exchange also has very low trading fees on cryptocurrencies, low interest on lending cryptocurrency, and high interest on digital/web wallet funds. Traders can use their debit card or their credit card or use bank transfers to fund their digital wallets and buy cryptocurrencies.

Shows Real-time Crypto Prices

The platform allows customers to constantly view real-time crypto prices and browse through all top Blockidchain Coin . This kind of data creation keeps the platform relevant for traders.

Patterns of Technology Adoption

Before jumping into blockchain strategy and investment, let’s reflect on what we know about technology adoption and, in particular, the transformation process typical of other foundational technologies. One of the most relevant examples is distributed computer networking technology, seen in the adoption of TCP/IP (transmission control protocol/internet protocol), which laid the groundwork for the development of the internet.

Customer Service System

Blockidchain Coin also has a very strong customer service system that offers 24 x 7 problem resolution. But reviews are once again very polarized on this issue. Some customers mention a particularly helpful customer support team, while others critique that their queries were never even answered.