What Is Blockchain Monster Hunt (BCMC)?

What Is Blockchain Monster Hunt (BCMC)? Complete Guide Review About Blockchain Monster Hunt.

What Is Blockchain Monster Hunt (BCMC)?

Blockchain Monster Hunt is the world’s first multi-chain metaverse game that connects people from different blockchain communities. Inspired by Pokemon GO, Blockchain Monster Hunt allows users to play and earn in an abundantly diverse world of monsters. The token can be purchased by anyone in the world and, upon expiration of any relevant holding period, trades on secondary markets in a peer-to-peer fashion.

Blockchain Monster Hunt gives investors from countries anywhere in the world the ability to take part in early-stage ventures while fostering liquid markets for investors to be able to trade with one another. The secondary market trade ability means that, in many cases, investors are no longer locked into an early-stage investment until there is an exit, but instead can sell any percentage off into the market at any time, lowering the risk to investors. 

Blockchain Monster Hunt Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameBlockchain Monster Hunt
Short NameBCMC
Circulating Supply69,393,343.00 BCMC
Total Supply997,221,989
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BCMC Token

Blockchain Monster Hunt is the ultimate treasure facilitating all game activities that all BCM Hunter seeks. This multichain token can be moved onto any chain with your in-house bridging technology. Even where there are initial lock-ups and holding periods, the peer-to-peer, global marketplace for tokens makes them superior to traditional offerings in terms of transparency, liquidity, ease of transfer, and price discovery. 

Initial coin offerings (ICO) became increasingly popular in late 2016 and into 2017. A first ICO was held by Mastercoin in July 2013, raising a respectable $500,000. Considering it was the first ICO and not many knew what an ICO was at the time, it was considered a sucess. Ethereum raised money with a token sale in 2014, raising 3,700 BTC in its first 12 hours, equal to approximately $2.3 million at the time. 


Blockchain Monster Coin (BCMC) is the ultimate treasure facilitating all game activities that all BCM Hunter seeks. This multichain token can be moved onto any chain with our in-house bridging technology. Blockchain Monster HuntMoria is the responsibility of every person wishing to subscribe to purchase the unsecured digitized tokens in the form of distributed ledger units (the “Tokens”) described in this whitepaper and associated documents to inform themselves of and to observe all applicable laws and regulations of any relevant jurisdictions.

Prospective investors should inform themselves as to the legal requirements and tax consequences within the countries of their citizenship, residence, domicile and place of business with respect to the acquisition, holding or disposal of these Tokens, and any U.S. or non-U.S. exchange restrictions that may be relevant thereto.

Tokens except

These offering documents constitute an offer of Tokens only in those jurisdictions and to those persons where and to whom they lawfully may be offered for sale. Blockchain Monster Hunt offering document does not constitute an offer to subscribe for Tokens except to the extent permitted by the laws of each applicable jurisdiction. Nothing in this whitepaper is intended to create a contract for the investment in the tokens, and each potential investor acknowledges that the issuer will rely on this assertion of a potential investor’s statements with respect to compliance with the laws of the jurisdiction in which potential investor is legally domiciled.


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