What Is Blockasset (BLOCK)? Complete Guide Review About Blockasset.


What Is Blockasset (BLOCK)?

Competitive sports are about memories: Who could forget the golden goal scored by David Trezeguet to win France the European Championship Final in 2000? Blockasset The euphoria and excitement, if you were French, and the absolute agony if you were Italian. The game was finished with that goal, and twenty years have passed, but people still talk about the moment and memory.

With each memory created, moment by moment, fans are invested in the experience of supporting their teams and players. Blockasset However, for most fans, elite athletes live in a separate universe, inaccessible and remote, despite the world being more connected than ever before. Yes, you can follow them on Instagram, but what about being able to meet them in person? Or being sent some signed memorabilia just for you?

Blockasset Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameBlockasset
Short NameBLOCK
Circulating Supply16,211,098.00 BLOCK
Total Supply320,000,000
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What Is Blockasset (BLOCK)? Complete Guide Review About Blockasset.

Platform Dynamics

TL; DR. The aim is for the platform to have four core components: A blockchain NFT (non-fungible-token) marketplace – this is the central hub of the Blockasset ecosystem, a white label sports NFT facility, a community rewards system, and an NFT gaming suite. Together the components create the intertwined Blockasset ecosystem where fans and athletes have multiple touch points which support virtual and real-world engagement. The platform has a native utility token called BLOCK token, which has various functions including (but not limited to) staking, governance, discounts, priority access and NFT farming.

Accessibility and Adoption

Blockasset understand that 90%+ of sports fans have never purchased an NFT, they’re very early, so making the process of purchasing, storing, and selling NFTs as easy as possible for the mainstream is your key objective as build your platform. The Blockasset platform will include a fiat payment option, ensuring any sports fan can purchase an NFT from their favorite athlete without needing extensive cryptocurrency knowledge. They have also built in a custom NFT creator, to ensure new users can mint their first NFT for free on Blockasset, guiding them to set up a Phantom wallet and have everything they need to start their NFT journey.

Asset Token

An exclusive reward token called ASSET may be obtained by staking BLOCK tokens. The ASSET token will be the only method for accessing custom NFT drops on the platform – Blockasset call this ‘NFT farming’. These custom NFTs will include rewards for your gaming suite, access to your VIP Discord channel, priority access to NFT drops and even access to beta test new features, the possibilities are endless.

This reduces the amount of BLOCK in circulation, whilst rewarding token holders for their loyalty. NFT farming will be a core component of the Blockasset ecosystem. The farm is not limited to BLOCK token holders, all Blockasset NFT holders will be able stake their NFTs in to receive ASSET tokens. By offering NFT staking they can ensure NFT re-sales on the open market are reduced, which should have a positive impact on re-sale prices.

Community Reward System

Community is king. Every solid project has a great community at its core. Blockasset understands this and has plans in place to ensure the Blockasset ecosystem is built by and for its community members. A strong Discord and Twitter following is good enough for many projects, but in order for Blockasset to make good on your promise to bring fans closer to athletes they need to take things one step further. The Blockasset platform will become more than just an NFT marketplace. They will harness the power of your Twitter and Discord community and integrate them into the platform itself.

Custom Marketplace

Blockasset is in constant communication with a number of sports brands and agencies, with inbound interest coming in on a daily basis. Of course, Blockasset could try to facilitate this interest and release a number of NFT collections for hundreds of athletes on your platform, but doing so wouldn’t be in the best interest of the agencies/brands, Blockasset as a business or token holders, as it could saturate the brand and stretch your resources; as much as like cannot successfully release an NFT collection for every athlete on your marketplace.

Blockasset will instead offer a different solution to sports brands and agencies with a large roster of talent on their books, one whereby they can have their own NFT marketplace under the Blockasset umbrella. Blockasset will facilitate the technology and have all the necessary structures in place for sports brands to launch their own NFTs on Blockasset. This benefits Blockasset as it ensures your own collections are of the highest quality, for top tier athletes only, whilst ensuring that sports brands can take advantage of the NFT space and introduce athletes and their fans to digital collectibles.