What Is Blitz Labs (BLITZ)? Complete Guide Review AboutBlitz Labs

What Is Blitz Labs (BLITZ)? Complete Guide Review AboutBlitz Labs

What Is Blitz Labs (BLITZ)?

Blitz Labs is a WEB3 collective dedicated to developing tools, services, and products that make basic crypto activities such as, but not limited to, participating in presales, exchanging tokens, bridging, as simple as possible and without unnecessary complexity. The ultimate goal is to create a one-stop shop where users can conveniently complete all of their tasks in one site while paying the least fees possible. The journey begins with the creation of the $BLITZ token, which will serve as the foundation for Blitz Labs’ core products and services. BlitzSale will be the first project launched under the Blitz Labs brand.

Blitz Labs Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameBlitz Labs
Short NameBLITZ
Circulating Supply270,000,000.00 BLITZ
Max Supply270,000,000
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$BLITZ token

The native token $BLITZ is designed to provide its holders with ever-increasing value and an unlimited upside potential without inflation. $BLITZ is the primary token utilized by the products and services of Blitz Labs. In order to grow the value of the token with price action, scarcity and underlying value; Blitz will be a fixed supply token that is deflationary by nature due to the features presented below:

  • Buy Tax: 0.3% / Sell Tax: 0.3%
  • Services fees are paid in $BLITZ
  • Dividends paid out from profit streams coming from Blitz Labs services & products
  • Buybacks result in a higher price floor and a larger LP

$BLITZ will also facilitate Blitz Labs governance and allow holders to contribute to the network’s evolution. 270,000,000 $BLITZ tokens were minted at the token generation event; this is the maximum supply, which will only decrease from the time of launch. There will be no additional tokens minted.

The vast majority of $BLITZ tokens are owned by the community. Blitz Labs doesn’t have to pay out high farming rewards to incentivize liquidity providers because Blitz Labs owns the majority of $BLITZ liquidity, and as the largest liquidity provider, earns the majority of the LP fees, which is another source of revenue for the Treasury

Circulating Supply – the number of $BLITZ tokens in circulation at the time of launch (Airdrop + Liquidity).

Max Supply – the number of tokens in circulation will never exceed this number.

Airdrop – Amount of tokens that will be distributed via airdrop to users who deposited $CROWN token into the migration contract. For every 1 $CROWN deposited, the user will receive 100 $BLITZ.

Liquidity – Tokens that will be used to create the initial liquidity pool. The majority of these tokens will be added to the LP within one week of the launch of $BLITZ, with the remainder going to the Network growth fund.

Community incentives – Rewards that will be distributed to holders through single-sided staking and the LP farm until dividend staking becomes available.

Network growth fund – Tokens set aside for partnerships, CEX listings, fees and so on.


For a limited time, $BLITZ single-sided staking and LP farming will be offered to the $BLITZ holders while services and products are launched and begin to generate revenue.

Single-sided staking

  • Duration: Up to 5 months
  • Stake: $BLITZ
  • Earn: $BLITZ
  • Pool rewards: 10,000,000 $BLITZ

LP farming

  • Duration: Up to 5 months
  • Stake: $BLITZ – BUSD LP
  • Earn: $BLITZ
  • Pool rewards: 30,000,000 $BLITZ


Single-sided staking and LP farming will be phased out after five months, and inflation-free staking will be implemented:

  • Zero (0) Inflation — rewards paid out monthly in Stable Coins (USDC/MIM/USDT/BUSD/etc)
  • Staking Tiers (1/3/6/12 month)
  • The longer a user keeps their tokens in lock-up, the higher their dividend share will be.


The treasury of Blitz Labs is put to work using multi-chain profit-generating strategies in order to increase the funds held by Blitz Labs, which then serves as protection for $BLITZ holders & Blitz Labs interests. Treasury funds may be spent on marketing, development, partnerships, and listings. These funds will be used for additional buybacks in the future, in addition to those made from products and services profits.Until Blitz Labs products and services generate revenue, Treasury funds will be used to cover operating expenses (Opex).