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What Is BLASTER TOKEN (BLT)? Complete Guide Review About BLASTER TOKEN.


Let’s lay the foundations of BLASTER TOKEN together!!Swap, earn, and build on tokens with on the leading decentralized protocol trusted with billions for its price execution, super low fees and reliability. Become the Historic main partner with BLASTERSWAP, a Development and Marketing specialist on Binance Smart Chain. Before the launch, we will use the first demo version BLASTER WALLET together. Staking, reference system will be integrated into our system. Forget everything you know! A protocol that facilitates cost-efficient and secure atomic transactions by utilizing a wide range of protocols and performing argument validation and execution verification.

BLASTER TOKEN Members with the ability to issue proposals are encouraged to identify themselves in the community so that they can hear the concerns and pitches of other community members and potentially act on their behalf and issue an important proposal. Sudden proposals that have little to no pre-emptive discussion are discouraged and are less likely to have active voting participation without sufficient “temperature check” in the community through dialogue.

BLASTER TOKEN Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Short NameBLT
Circulating Supply26,000,000.00 BLT
Total Supply100,000,000
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Liquidity Providers

Provide trading liquidity to the entire market, maximize capital utilization with BLASTER Protocol Adaptive Bonding Curve, and earn BLT rewards in addition to trading fees. It significantly lowers the barriers to entry for market makers, making liquidity available to all the people.

Strategy Brokerage

Planner and implementer of BLASTER TOKEN Protocol Automated Order, strategy brokerage, which provides rich order strategy on top of automated market making mechanism. Get a share of the commission on strategic orders while enriching the order execution strategy.


With BLT’s user-centered decentralized exchange, it uses non-custodial methods of trading to safeguard the safety of funds. At the same time, BLT Smart Route guarantees the optimal path for trading to expect the least slippage and the best price. If a proposal passes successfully, any smart contract(s) or authorized member(s) with relevant legal, business development, code development, and/or multiring treasury access capacity will execute the actionable results accordingly on behalf of the community.


BLASTER TOKEN Protocol is a decentralized community platform, and BLT holders are also developers of the BLT ecosystem, with proposal and voting rights, and also have participation and decision-making rights in all aspects of the BLT economic model, contract auditing, and technical approach, etc.


The BLASTER TOKEN Network unites decentralized protocols whose synergy enables the most lucrative, fastest and protected operations in the DeFi space. The BLASTER Swap Protocol is based on Binance Smart Chain and is ready to be published on all chains. There will be 3 types of pre-sales Whitelist, Pre-Sale via your website and Pre-Sale via Pinksale, take your place now. A new issue that arises and could materially impact friesDAO should be discussed publicly in designated Discord channels as well as in the Commonwealth forums. Members holding 400,000 FRIES may issue a proposal. This minimum is necessary to reduce spam and filter out entities with potentially insufficient loyalty to the community.


The treasury will be kept in a Gnosis Safe controlled by a multisign detailed in Treasury. This will ensure the security of funds and make sure that moving funds requires the signatures of multiple authorized members. Every action by members regarding treasury funds will be made transparent to the DAO community, and in most cases, require proposals to pass. Membership NFTs will be minable for early contributors and the general public. These NFTs will create an additional tie between fries DAO network stores and community members.

Franchise brands typically permit individual stores to do local marketing, and NFTs would be an excellent form of digital coupons. BLASTER TOKEN will negotiate with owners of the stores to permit an allotted amount of value in food, through contractual obligation, to be provided to holders of NFTs who visit the stores (as well as any other perks that the community decides upon within the permissible realm of the stores, brands, and the law).

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