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What Is Black Hole DAO (BHO)? Complete Guide Review About Black Hole DAO.

What Is Black Hole DAO (BHO)?

Black Hole DAO is a decentralized asset management protocol based on DAO governance. On the basis of DeFi3.0, a completely new standardized model called “BlackHole DAO Protocol (BHDP)” is constructed. The BHDP burn mechanism resolves the imbalance between high inflation and deflation in the market by referring to the traditional stock market splitting and merging principle. The DAOs credit-based loan service is launched.

Black Hole DAO Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameBlack Hole DAO
Short NameBHO
Circulating Supply2,765.24B BHO
Total Supply7,606,931,270,896
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BHDP Burn Mechanism

Black Hole DAO the case that the support rate is equal to 0 when the stock (BHO) in the market reaches a certain amount, the deflation mechanism will be triggered; the interest on Stake will gradually decrease in a certain proportion, and the proportion of stock (BHO) purchased through Bond will gradually decrease, followed by a gradual decrease in the stock (BHO) minted through VC Pool. If the support rate is less than 0, the Stake will stop generating interest; Bond and VC Pool will stop minting new coins; in the meantime, the deflation mechanism will be triggered, starting to burn the inventory flow according to time and proportion until the support rate is greater than 0.


Staking is essentially a long-term asset growth strategy that creates passive benefits for users, and you can choose staking to obtain staking interest if you get BHO, which is for users who have recognized Black Hole DAO for a long time. If you are a short-term speculator, of course, you can choose to sell it for the profit you want.

Long-term beneficiaries earn compound interest through Staking. In order not to generate high inflation, the reward rate is freely regulated according to the market, but the compound interest generated by staking will always be tens of times higher than traditional DeFi products like Compound and Aave.

As your BHO shares increase, this will be converted into a declining cost base until it tends to zero. This means that even if the market price of BHO is lower than your initial purchase price, as long as there is a sufficient staking period, your staked BHO should eventually exceed the impact of asset buoyancy and loss as the balance increases.

How to Stake BHO

You can choose to select the BUSD-BHO pool on the PancakeSwap to purchase BHO and then stake the BHO to Black Hole DAO for more BHO. Of course, you can also obtain the corresponding BHO by purchasing the Bond and investing in the VC Pool and then stake the BHO. The “Approve” transaction is only required for first staking/unstaking; subsequent staking/ unstaking only requires you to execute the “Stake” or “Unstake” transaction.

How to Unstake sBHO

When you Black Hole DAO, the system will burn sBHO and give you an equivalent amount of BHO. Unstake means that the user will lose the upcoming rebase reward. Note that the forfeited reward applies only to the unstaked amount; the remaining staked BHO (if any) will continue to receive the rebase reward. However, this may also mean that the cost of your next entry increases and the profit decreases.

Staking Earnings

At the end of each epoch, the Treasury mints BHO at the set reward rate. These BHO will be distributed to all pledgers involved in the protocol. You can track the latest reward rate on the Black Hole DAO instrument panel. On the bond purchase page, you can choose BUSD or LP to buy. Enter the number of BUSD you want to Bond. Make sure you do not exceed the allowable Bond amount. The “ Max You Can Buy” tag shows the maximum number of BHO you can purchase.

What is APY

APY stands for annualized percentage of yield. It measures the actual reward ratio on your principal by considering the impact of compound interest. Your staked BHO are your principal; in addition, due to the rebase mechanism, compound interest is regularly added at each epoch (about 8 hours). Buy reserve bonds. Please make sure there is BUSD in your wallet. If not, you can go to PancakeSwap or Binance to buy BUSD.


Bond acquires Black Hole DAO by adding the liquidity to the BUSD-BHO without incurring any transaction tax, and has a 5-day lockup period; it is unlocked at one time after 5-day expiration; the BHO acquired through Bond will be freely adjusted according to the inflation and deflation in the market; in the case of inflation, the proportion of BHO purchased through Bond will gradually decrease; in the case of BHO deflation, the proportion of BHO purchased through Bond will gradually increase, thus avoiding the phenomenon of speculators taking profits and selling immediately due to early entry for DeFi1.0.

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