BitTorrent Ico Review

BitTorrent Ico Review – Largest File Sharing Protocol with BTT

About BitTorrent

Based in San Francisco, BitTorrent is the company behind the largest decentralized P2P communications. The company currently develops products across two brands, BitTorrent ( and µTorrent (, which offer popular torrent download clients for Windows, Mac and Android. With over 100 million active users each month, BitTorrent offers feature-rich, safe torrent programs for the desktop, a browser-based torrent streaming and downloading product, and a mobile torrent downloader for Android available on the Google Play Store.

BitTorrent Key Information

Token NameBitTorrent
Soft cap20,000 USD
Hard cap7,200,000 USD
Tokens for sale89,100,000,000
Sold tokens59,400,000,000
AcceptingBTC, USD
Token SymbolBTT
Token TypeTRC-10
Price in ICO0.0001 USD
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

The Game Change Team Behind BitTorrent

BitTorrent Ico Review - Largest File Sharing Protocol with BTT

Achieve global reach, on an unprecedented scale

Advertise on BitTorrent owned and operated properties to reach a massive audience across desktop and mobile. Scale your campaigns to reach over 100 million monthly users. They users are young, educated, and tech-savvy: the 18-24 year-old guys who can be hard to reach through traditional marketing channels. It will take some time to adjust reward parameters following the release, after which, the rewards will take effect upon a separate announcement.

BitTorrent File System

BTFS node repair mode is used for fixing file shards in the BTFS network which are lost due to offline Host nodes or deletion.An uploaded file will be converted into 30 shards based on a specific algorithm. These shards will be uploaded to 30 different Hosts. The algorithm also ensures that any 10 of the 30 shards can piece together a complete file.Under the repair mode, when the number of available shards for an uploaded file is lower than a certain threshold, BTFS network will broadcast the repair task to nodes with their repair mode on. Upon receiving these tasks, the repair nodes will download available shards and calculate lost ones, and find new Hosts to store these shards. In an effort to encourage users to enable repair mode, BTFS team is now introducing two benefits:

  • Download rewards for nodes who download available shards and calculate lost ones.
  • Repair rewards for nodes who are the first to store lost shards onto new Hosts.

BitTorrent has a New Website

The BitTorrent team is proud to unveil new website, which is now Several months in the making, BitTorrent goal was to make big improvements in site performance and stability. Now the site is faster to load, making it more efficient to find and download your trusted mobile and desktop torrent clients. Similar to the challenges of trying to avoid malware and viruses while browsing the internet in general, it’s not surprising that sites hosting torrent files can sometimes be unsafe. Available to Windows users running Google Chrome, BitTorrent Web Pro provides you with more security when downloading torrents using the popular online torrent client. 

DLive Joins BitTorrent Ecosystem

BitTorrent are excited to announce DLive, the popular blockchain-based live streaming platform, is joining the BitTorrent ecosystem. Your teams will be working together to bring blockchain-based peer-to-peer content sharing, including live streaming, to the BitTorrent community and beyond. DLive boasts a friendly community of content creators and viewers and a revolutionary rewards system. Broadcasters and viewers may earn token rewards without sharing any of their earnings with the platform, enabling creators to enjoy contributions from their community. This is in stark contrast to traditional, centralized entities which take as much as 50% of the creator’s revenue.  

BitTorrent will use your new BitTorrent File-Sharing System (BTFS), a distributed file sharing and storage system. This endeavor will not only extend even more benefits to the community yet also drive DLive closer to decentralization. While DLive will continue to support the Lino blockchain until the transition to the TRON blockchain is complete, BitTorrent’s token (BTT) will eventually become the unit of value in the new ecosystem. Stay tuned as DLive expects to offer various benefits and rewards to existing users when the time comes to transition from Lino to BTT.

BitTorrent Web for Mac

Once inside the latest version of BitTorrent new torrent software, you will notice a simplified interface and the ability to download and play torrent files and magnet links, all within your browser window. You’ll be able to download any file type to store locally in the folder of your choice, set download and upload speed limits to free up network resources for other internet tasks, and play torrent files while they download without needing to search folders or look for other media player apps.