What Is BitNautic Token (BTNT)?

What Is BitNautic Token (BTNT)? Complete Guide Review About BitNautic Token.

What Is BitNautic Token (BTNT)?

Reduce your logistics costs, keep track of your shipments, and rely on logistics services from professionals with decades of experience in moving cargo with the security of blockchain. Aiming to serve the humanity by providing effective solutions, BitNautic Token came up with an idea which transforms one of the biggest industries in the world – The shipping industry. Your team of high-tech enthusiasts believe in change and that’s why have developed the platform by integrating the most disruptive technology of this era – The blockchain technology. Users will find multiple quotes from multiple shipping service providers. They can select best quote between two countries on their preferred date.

BitNautic Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameBitNautic Token
Short NameBTNT
Circulating Supply19,078,646.60 BTNT
Total Supply49,993,221
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Blockchain in the shipping world

Blockchain technology appeals to the shipping industry because of its capacity to decrease trade documentation, processing costs, delays, data manipulation, fraud, and human error through unbreakable “smart contracts.” You can raise enquiry and specific merchants can get back to you on your official email id with customized package for you. There are also multiple container types like standard 20, refrigerated 40 etc.

Offering digital solutions

BitNautic Token provides start to end digital solution for shipping industry. Right from booking of cargos to creating and storing Bill of Lading on the blockchain to real-time tracking of the shipments, your customized online services simplify shipping experience for the users. From start to finish, BitNautic shipping services have been invaluable to the success of your company. They guided through all of your shipping options in detail and with complete openness. Customer service and availability are excellent.

DeFi Products

BitNautic Token features its own DeFi ecosystem with BTNT as the official token which is driven by its community, as well as its own Reward Token and Reward Mechanism, making it a truly Decentralized Platform. The DeFi ecosystem includes yield farming, direct staking, Blockchain Bridge, and other features. I would and have recommended the shipping and logistics firm to other importers. I send the documentation for marine shipments, and everything is taken care of right away. I always obtain my necessary reports by the end of the day. I’d like to congratulate them all for the fantastic work they’re doing.

Moving Product across all borders

BitNautic Token is a platform providing you a smooth, efficient, and transparent shipping experience. It is a one-stop shop leveraging all the stakeholders with all of its features. helps traders to find best quote for their shipments and enables hassle free booking. With your innovative supply chain solutions combined with the worldwide network and expertise your customers are always ahead of competition. Forgery, fraud, and loss are all risks associated with paper-based documentation. Trade documents are digitally processed, quickly validated, verified, and never lost at sea. Don’t take risk anymore and create your Bill of Lading and many other documents.

Financial Services

BitNautic Token enables payment for services using crypto. Services used in can also be paid by BTNT token. It is one of the very few blockchain projects whose token has actual utility than just a token for speculation purpose. They have launched several DeFi products for crypto traders also. If you’re looking for a platform to provide you best cargo booking services for Freight Forwarding, then you are at right place. They provides the user complete control over the transportation of his cargo so he can simply track their ship and cargo in real time. They works with a diverse range of commercial retailers and clients, including small, medium, and massive corporations, as well as carriers.