What Is BitKAM (KAM)?

What Is BitKAM (KAM)? Complete Guide Review About BitKAM.

What Is BitKAM (KAM)?

BitKAM may however be required to communicate said data to judicial and / or administrative authorities, in particular in the context of requisitions. In this case, and unless there is a legal provision or injunction of the competent authority preventing it, undertakes to inform the User and to limit the communication of data to those expressly required by said authorities. KAM undertakes to put in place (a) physical security measures aimed at preventing access to the infrastructures on which the User’s data is stored by unauthorized persons.

(B) identity checks and ” access via an authentication system as well as a password policy, (c) an authorization management system making it possible to limit access to the premises to only people who need to access it as part of their duties and their scope of activity, (d) security personnel responsible for ensuring the physical security of KAM premises, (e) a system of physical and logical isolation of Users from each other, (f) authentication processes users and administrators, as well as measures to protect administration functions.

(G) in the context of support and maintenance operations, an authorization management system implementing the principles of least privilege and need to know, and (h) of the processes and devices allowing to trace all the actions carried out on its information system, and to carry out, in accordance with the regulations in force, reporting actions in the event of an impacting incident User data.

BitKAM Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameBitKAM
Short NameKAM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply21,000,000,000
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Location and data transfers

When the Services allow the User to store Content, the location or, as the case may be, the geographical area, of the available Data Center (s) is specified on the BitKAM Website. When several locations or geographical areas are available, the User selects the one (s) of his choice at the time of the Order. Subject to the applicable Special Conditions of Service, KAM refrains from modifying, without the agreement of the User, the location or geographical area provided for in the Order, of the Content stored by the User as part of the Services.

Subject to the foregoing regarding the location of Data Centers, KAM Affiliates located within the European Union, in Canada, as well as in any other country recognized by the European Commission as having a level of protection. sufficient personal data with regard to the protection of privacy and fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals, as well as with regard to the exercise of the corresponding rights, are permitted, excluding the United States America, to access the personal data stored by the User in the context of the Services.


BitKAM can make available to the confirmed User, information concerning the Security measures implemented within the framework of the Services in order to allow the confirmed User to ensure that these measures correspond to his needs or to those of Users. When the Services are certified or subject to specific audit procedures, KAM may make the corresponding certificates and audit reports available to the Confirmed User. Certain Services are eligible for on-site audits under the conditions provided for in the applicable Special Conditions. The aforementioned services may give rise to additional invoicing.

Nokenchain treatments

As part of the Services, BitKAM collects the User’s personal data, which is subject to automated processing under the conditions provided for by the aforementioned law n° 78-17, for purposes of management the KAM User relationship (invoicing, assistance and maintenance of the Services, commercial management, archiving, telephony, improvement of the quality, security and performance of services, recovery, etc.).

And compliance with regulations applicable to BitKAM (in particular legal obligations to store login and user identification data).They undertakes not to use the data thus collected for purposes other than those mentioned above. may however be required to communicate them to judicial and/or administrative authorities, in particular in the context of requisitions.


Each of the Parties undertakes, with regard to the confidential information of the other Party to which it is the recipient or to which it has access in the context of the execution of this Contract to use said confidential information only in the purpose of the execution of the Contract to preserve the confidentiality of said information with the same degree of care as if it were his own confidential information.

To give access to said confidential information only to those of its employees and Affiliates who need to know about their function, provided that these recipients are informed beforehand of the confidential nature of said information, and that they are bound by a confidentiality commitment at least equivalent to this commitment.