BitFlyer US Crypto Exchange Review : It Is Good Or Bad ?

BitFlyer US Crypto Exchange Review : It Is Good Or Bad ?

About BitFlyer US Crypto Exchange

BitFlyer US Crypto Exchange Started in 2016, bitFlyer USA is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. They are a subsidiary of bitFlyer Inc., which operates the largest bitcoin exchange in the world. aim to become a leading virtual currency exchange and blockchain developer in the US, leveraging technology, insights, and security practices from the parent company. The care about and promote virtual currencies and blockchain. We’re addicted to getting stuff done. We’re quantitative, and measure the performance.

bitflyer Inc. (Japan) is the largest bitcoin exchange in the world by volume, transacting $250 billion year-to-date. Since it was founded in 2014, bitFlyer has grown to more than 2 million users. aims to revolutionize the FinTech sector using blockchain and its related applications. bitFlyer, Inc. is the parent company of bitFlyer USA, Inc.

BitFlyer US Basic Points

Exchange NameBitFlyer US
Accepted Payment MethodsCrypto to Crypto, Crypto to FIAT
Fiat DepositYes
Deposit FeesFree. Small deposit fees apply.
Easy To Use Yes
Security High
Withdraw Fee Low As Compare From Other Exchange
Customer Support Available At Ticket & Live Chat
Official SiteHomepage

How To Start ?

How To Sign Up At BitFlyer USExchange ?

bitfinex sign up button

It Is Very Easy To Sign Up At BitFlyer US Exchange . Just Click On Sign Up Button At BitFlyer US Website .Fill Registration Form With Correct Details Like Your Email , Phone Number , Password Etc . Once You Fill All Data You Get Verification Link At Your Email . Just Verify Your Link For Successfully Verification.

How To Deposit Fund At BitFlyer US Exchange ?

Once your BitFlyer US account has been verified, click on the ‘DEPOSIT’ button, which you’ll find at the top right-hand side of the screen. Choose which currency you want to deposit with (BTC/USDT/ETH/DOGE) and then you will be provided with the Wallet details that you need to transfer the funds to .

How To Trade At BitFlyer US Exchange ?

Once your account is funded, you can then begin day trading at Bitfinex. Click on the ‘TRADING’ button at the top of the screen, and you will be taken to the main trading area. You now need to select the trading pair that you want to trade.Finally, enter the amount that you want to buy, decide whether you want to do a ‘market order’ or ‘limit order’, and then place your trade.

How To Withdraw At BitFlyer US Exchange ?

Withdrawing your funds from BitFlyer US is very easy. Go to the “Withdraw” window, select the asset you want to take out and fill all the required fields. Note that you won’t be able to withdraw currencies if you haven’t secured your account with 2FA and/or whitelisted addresses.

How To Verify Id At BitFlyer US ?

You Can Start Trading On BitFlyer US Without Going Through The Verification Process, However, In Order To Trade Fiat Currencies For Bitcoin Or To Trade With Stablecoins, Id Verification Is Needed. Depending On The Account Type (Individual Or Corporate), The Exchange Can Require Additional Documents.


Opening an account with bitFlyer is FREE!

Account Creation FeeFREE
Account Maintenance FeeFREE
Bitcoin (BTC) Withdrawal Fee0.0004 BTC
Ethereum (ETH) Withdrawal Fee0.005 ETH
Ethereum Classic (ETC) Withdrawal Fee0.005 ETC
Litecoin (LTC) Withdrawal Fee0.001 LTC
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Withdrawal Fee0.0002 BCH
Unit of Transaction (BTC)0.00000001 BTC (=1 satoshi)

BTC/USD Trading Fees

Past 30 day volume1Lightning SpotBuy/Sell Virtual Currencies
$0 – Less than $50,0000.10%FREE2
$50,000 – Less than $500,0000.09%
$500,000 – Less than $1 million0.08%
$1 million – Less than $5 million0.07%
$5 million – Less than $10 million0.06%
$10 million – Less than $50 million0.05%
$50 million – Less than $500 million0.04%
Over $500 million0.03%

1 Your Lightning trading fees are calculated daily between 0:00 and 0:10 AM (JST). Fees may be negotiated based on volume and trade frequency.

2 The purchase and sales prices displayed on the Buy/Sell Virtual Currencies displays a substantial fee between 0.1% and 6.0%. In the event of sudden price changes, the liquidity of the market, etc., purchase and sales prices that exceed the scope of the corresponding fees may be offered.

US Dollar Deposits and Withdrawals

Bank Deposits (ACH)Free
Bank Withdrawals (ACH)Free
Wire Deposits (Fedwire)Free
Wire Withdrawals (Fedwire)$20

2FA Required

Two-step authentication function can be set by SMS, e-mail address, or an authentication application. For normal services, login is achieved through authentication of ID and password. However, when connected to the internet, this service can be accessed from anywhere, and as such security may be breached when ID and password pairs are stolen, or a malicious third party obtains the ID and runs a brute force or dictionary attack to forcibly login. This is where, in addition to the original ID and password, an additional six digit number known as an authentication code is entered, hence strengthening security. Because the authentication code changes over time, as well as whenever a login occurs, even if a malicious third party steals the ID and password, obtaining access will be more difficult.

Multi-sig is the latest in Bitcoin security measures designed to ensure that your Bitcoin transactions are safe. Unlike a typical Bitcoin address, multi-sig Bitcoin addresses require two or more separate signatures to send Bitcoin. The number of signatures required is represented as a proportion of the total number of possible signatures – for example, 2 out of 3 means that 2 signatures are required out of 3 possible signatures before Bitcoin can be sent.

The source code for the generally available Bitcoin daemon is available to the public, and as such, there is a risk that potential vulnerabilities could be identified and exploited. Due to this, bitFlyer has developed a proprietary Bitcoin daemon to reduce the probability of an attack. In the small chance of any issue with the proprietary daemon, it is possible to cross check the behavior of the bitFlyer daemon with the commonly used daemon (bitcoind), and modify the proprietary daemon immediately as appropriate.


At bitFlyer, we work hard to provide both ease of use and the utmost security to our customers in order to offer an environment in which customers feel safe making Bitcoin transactions. We have introduced Multi-sig, the latest in bitcoin security technology, ahead of other companies to keep funds secure, and we have established industry leading standards with our security, AML (Anti Money Laundering), KYC (Know Your Customer), and other policies. As a result of our focus on security, there are times this may translate into an inconvenient user experience. We will attempt to explain bitFlyer’s security policies below so that we can gain your understanding on this matter.

A firewall refers to the software and hardware used to protect networks and computers against attacks and unauthorized access from outside the network. The basic function of the firewall is to prevent unauthorized external access. When you use a firewall, you can limit the communication with the services running on the servers. For example, access to an organization’s internal file sharing service can be limited to users inside the organization. By limiting access from the Internet, you can prevent unauthorized access to those services.