What Is Bitcoinpos? (BPS) Complete Guide Review About Bitcoinpos.

What Is Bitcoinpos? (BPS) Complete Guide Review About Bitcoinpos.

What Is Bitcoinpos?

Bitcoinpos launched the 2nd of May 2020, Bitcoin Proof of Stake (Bitcoin PoS in short) is a peer to peer electronic cash system, running on a native blockchain, bringing together in a simple, yet elegant, fashion two of the biggest technologies of the time: Bitcoin Core and Proof of Stake.

Bitcoin Proof of Stake (Bitcoin PoS – BPS) is the world’s first integration of cryptocurrency’s two
foremost technological achievements — Bitcoin, and proof of stake consensus.
Today, Bitcoin core continues utilizing proof of work, a consensus algorithm that is slow,
open to 51% attacks, costly to mine, harmful to the environment, and resistant to scalability.
There are, however, many innovations unique to Bitcoin that require preservation, such as its 21
million token supply model and proven code-base developed by many of the world’s foremost
software engineers and cryptographers

Bitcoinpos Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameBitcoinpos
Short NameBPS
Circulating Supply4,694,945.13 BPS
Total Supply4,906,662
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Bitcoinpos Coin network gives you the power to control your money without intermediaries

Proof of Stake

Staking provides a more decentralized network that anyone can validate for passive income.

Low Fees

An efficient blockchain keeping fees low & transactions flowing without congestion.


Send Money globally almost instant with a few clicks.

Fast Payments

Bitcoinpos Instantly send & receive digital currency payments on a highly scalable network.

Trustworthy network

Powerfully secure network with a huge number of full nodes.

Problems of Bitcoin Centralization

Bitcoinpos a popular saying is If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. While many Bitcoin proponents may say that Bitcoin isn’t broken, that perspective quickly goes out the window when framed in terms of the future. Owing to its current electricity-based miner-dependent design, Bitcoin encourages the centralization of mining resources. Put simply — electricity, and the mining hardware that runs on it — are costly resources. Additionally, mining Bitcoin requires that one possess those resources, or ongoing access to them, in high supply.

Innovative payment technology, today.

The world needs transformative digital payment technology today, not tomorrow. That’s why Bitcoin PoS is here. It delivers a transformative proof of stake blockchain backing the original Bitcoin codebase for a cryptocurrency payment network without compromises.


Easily integrate Bitcoin PoS to existing commercial & retail pathways for seamless payments.02.


Bitcoinpos Coin Stake Bitcoin PoS coins to receive rewards for validating the network.03.


Increased decentralization makes network attacks a thing of the past.

Reward yourself with Bitcoin PoS

Earning a passive income with Bitcoin PoS is simple. Staking your Bitcoin PoS coins on the blockchain requires minimal hardware and electricity costs compared to Bitcoin mining

Download Wallet

Download the Bitcoin PoS wallet.

Get Bitcoin PoS

Bitcoinpos Get Bitcoin PoS using the website exchange functionality or from your favourite exchange

Stake Coins

Stake your Bitcoin PoS coins

Earn Rewards

Get rewarded based on staked Bitcoin PoS


Bitcoinpos Coin Like Bitcoin, Bitcoin PoS transactions function on the basis of public and private key signatures wherein a public key is verified, and a private key is signed by the sender. In non-proof of stake blockchain networks, double spends are discouraged by the lack of incentive for staking every fork. However, proof of stake networks like Bitcoin PoS do incentivizestaking every fork. Does this mean there is a higher chance of double spend transactions in PoSsystems? The answer is no.

Stake Aggregation

In order to eliminate practices such as transaction flooding whereby a staker can gain an advantage by staking with a high number of transactions (fan-out), Bitcoin PoS combines several inputs when creating the staking transaction (fan-in), trying to create a bigger stake for the block. To counter the unwanted effects of this input reduction mechanism which could lead to having really large trasanction outputs, if the stake is above a certain threshold it will also be split into several outputs


The Bitcoinpos world is at a crossroads. Trust in financial institutions is at an all-time low, yet the
cryptocurrency revolution kicked off by Bitcoin hasn’t materialized for the masses. After years of
opportunity, most cryptocurrency projects have failed everyday users by under-delivering on
promises and over-complicating digital assets. Bitcoin PoS aims to pick up where Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision of a bank-less, financially independent, and peer-to-peer electronic cash system left off. Bitcoin PoS is simple to use, scalable to the financial uses of billions of people worldwide, secure — and most importantly, easy to adopt for existing enterprise, payment, and retail applications.