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What Is BitCanna (BCNA) Coin Review ? Complete Guide Review About BitCanna

What Is BitCanna (BCNA) Coin Review ?

BitCanna provides a decentralized payment network and supply chain for the legal cannabis industry, utilizing the BCNA coin. On this website, you’ll currently find everything related to testnet. Buddheads is a collection of 8420 unique ‘Buddheads’ NFTs–digital collectibles living in the Cosmos Universe. Buddheads open the gate to the magical world of cannabis and will grant access to exclusive perks at BitCanna partners such as: early access, discounts, and unique drops. can be acquired through a free airdrop for the BitCanna and Stargaze community, and through a mint on the Stargaze platform. Keep on reading to learn more!

BitCanna (BCNA) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameBitCanna
Short NameBCNA
Circulating Supply215,301,788.67 BCNA
Max SupplyN/A
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Unleashing the Power of NFT’s

BitCanna The main objective of the is to create a more robust and larger community, with the itself acting as a digital entry pass to community and ecosystem beyond. believe that NFT’s are a unique onboarding tool to provide an accessible way for cannabis consumers to meet cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Thanks to partners and sister companies, already have access to millions of customers; with Zamnesia, Royal Queen Seeds, Cibdol and Kannabia to name a few. With the cryptocurrency industry maturing every day, the time feels right to take a more direct approach towards the traditional cannabis consumer. envision to be an integral part of the future of BitCanna.

Getting to know BitCanna

BitCanna Pay

BitCanna Offering customers and organizations a secure, all-inclusive payment system, BitCanna Pay cuts out the middlemen. We’re transitioning responsibility away from banks to the end-consumer, all thanks to blockchain network and exclusive Coin (BCNA).

Supply Chain – Quality and Legitimacy

BitCanna Cannabis-related industries hold themselves to the highest standards on both their products and processes. Nevertheless their practices are often questioned by those on the outside.  The industry is ready to take the lead and show just the thing that sets them apart from the competition, which is the quality and origins of their products and their processes. Proving their legitimacy like any else. Doing so will leave no room for a shady image.

BitCanna Trail

BitCanna Serving as proof of quality and legitimacy, BitCanna Trail records a product’s origins, handlers and production process. At every link in the supply chain, data is automatically submitted to the BitCanna blockchain. By using decentralized blockchain technology, an always-available database offers complete transparency and is unchangeable by any party involved.

BitCanna Trust

BitCanna network serves as an all-inclusive platform for honest and legitimate reviews. Every order completed with BCNA coins has its transaction details, in so-called ‘hashes’, submitted to the BitCanna blockchain. Using this unique hash, consumers can verify their purchase and its origins in the supply chain.

Buddheads Airdrop

The majority of will be distributed freely. First off, will be airdropped to BCNA delegators and BCNA liquidity providers on Osmosis (pools with a BCNA pair). This means liquidity providers on Emeris and Junoswap pool, centralized exchanges and holders will not be taken into account.

Next to that, Buddheads will be airdropped to the Stargaze community. More details about the requirements for the Stargaze drop will be provided in a later stage!

  • Multiple snapshots will be taken on random dates between April 2nd and April 18th.
  • Your address must pool or delegate the minimum amount of BCNA on all of the snapshot dates
  • To prevent so-called “gaming of the system”, the minimum amount of BCNA to become eligible for the airdrop will be disclosed after the snapshots have been performed.
  • The BitCanna Buddhead NFT will be airdropped to your stars-address, which will automatically derive from your eligible bcna-address. This means no action is required from your side to receive the Buddhead NFT.
  • A maximum of 1 NFT can be acquired per user, all attempts to acquire more than 1 NFT will be dealt with accordingly, and will result in exclusion of the airdrop.

Buddheads Mint

  • All remaining buddheads that have not been airdropped will be up for mint on the Stargaze platform. The mint price is to be determined.
  • Additionally, 420 of the 8420 Buddheads will be allocated for giveaways and marketing. These buddheads will be primarily used to target our partner’s audience (non-cryptocurrency oriented).

Funds Allocation

  • 50% of the proceeds from this mint will be converted to BCNA and airdropped to our new Buddhead owners; these owners will be determined on a TBD future snapshot date. The other 50% will be allocated to a core team address for the development of the Buddhead project: marketing and partnerships.