What Is Bit World Token (BWB)?

What Is Bit World Token (BWB)? Complete Guide Review About Bit World Token.

What Is Bit World Token (BWB)?

By registering, trading, or using Bit World Token services, by default you agree They have obtained your permission to collect your personal information. In addition to this, BW will not use fraud or improper means to collect your personal information, nor will you be required to provide information beyond the scope of the terms and conditions. Your main purpose of collecting your personal information is to facilitate communication with you in order to provide better service.

Collected personal information may include: name, contact information, email address, transaction information, copy of identity information you provided, government-issued ID number, passport number, your device or related Internet service information (such as an IP address and MAC number), and when using the particular service, you may be required to provide information such as a bank account.

Bit World Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameBit World Token
Short NameBWB
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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Personal information security protection

Bit World Token will not use your personal information for other purposes without your permission and BW will not sell or divulge information to any third party (except for third party security partners related to the service). BW will decentralize your personal information to ensure the security of the information to avoid the risk of loss, damage, tampering or disclosure.

BW will encrypt and manage your information through SSL technology and only you can use and modify your information. Without authorization, others will be restricted to access your information. In addition, BW team internal autonomy will maximize the protection of your personal information security, and will not leak, tamper your personal information and so on.

Personal information setup

You can log in to BW at any time to view, add, modify, and delete personal information. Under special circumstances, it may require you to contact through email to modify. If you do not agree with the privacy terms, the services provided by BW may be terminated.


To ensure that you have full confidence in your handling of personal data, it is important that you need to read and understand the terms of the privacy policy. In particular, once you log in to your website, whether you are registered with the website or not, it is defaulted that you indicate to your acceptance, consent, commitment and confirmation. You agree to collect your information through your login, registration and / or use of your services and agree to any future changes to your privacy policy.

Privacy issues and questions

Your ID password is in your personal custody. Please protect your password at all times and do not disclose it to others easily. If you find any questions or suggestions about password disclosure, abnormal information or BW privacy policy, etc., Please contact at support@BW.com.

Users Agreement

BW is a cryptocurrency and digital asset exchange platform oriented to the future. Its operating website is https://www.BW.com (referred as “this website” or “website” hereinafter). This website is a platform which enables users to have digital asset trades and offers related services (referred as “the service(s)” or “service(s)” hereinafter). For the convenience of expression herein, the company and the website together will be referred as or other first person expressions in the agreement.

All natural persons and other entities who log in the website are users of the website. For the convenience of expression herein, users will be referred as “you” or other second person expressions in the agreement. For the convenience of expression herein, Bit World Token and you together will be referred as “both parties” with you or as “one party”.