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Bisend Web Hosting Review: Blazing Fast Web Hosting.

About Bisend

Unlike the traditional hosting companies, BiSend is a web host focusing on application hosting. They optimize servers for some of the most popular CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more so those application could run very fast and reliable. For example, in your WordPress hosting, many WordPress features like WordPress 1-click installer, WordPress auto Backup, 1-click restore, 1-click migration, auto-upgrade and more useful features are included as free. If you need a web host for your application, then Bisend will be your best web hosting choice. DV SSL is a product focusing on encryption solely, and one thing good to know is that technically it’s as safe as OV SSL and EV SSL.

Some Quick Facts Bisend Web Hosting

BisendBasic Details
Hosting NameBisend
Call SupportN/A
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Bisend Price

When they Should Use VPS Hosting?

Bisend offer Managed VPS hosting service. If the resource of your website goes beyond your shared hosting, then a VPS hosting is required. All of your VPS are built on a Cloud architecture, which is very fast and reliable. They use SSD storage only, the performance of VPS is guaranteed. As a Platinum partner of Plesk, they offer you Plesk control panel to manage your VPS servers as free. DV SSL above are compatible with all popular mobile devices and browsers, no need to install ssl chains on the client sides when deploying those SSL certificates.

What Security Products BiSend Offer?

Bisend have made your server as secured as possible, but there are still some other paid options to make your website more secured. They offer free SSL certificate in all your hosting package, but a paid SSL certificate could bring more security options to you from Green Address Bar and more. They cWatch and SiteLock could protect your websites from Cloud level. There is always a posibilty your website are hacked, so an offlined 3rd party backup service from Acronis are available in your service.

The function of DV certificate

DV certificate can prove to the user that the websites are safe and all the information on the website is encryption protected. After purchasing the DV certificate, besides the highest protection, your website address will become HTTP mode and a safe padlock symbol will be there to prove the security of websites. In the information age, although Internet users do not familiar with the specific operation mode of DV, almost everyone regards the HTTPS and safe padlock symbol as the standard to judge if the website is safe.

Bisend the network environment with ubiquitous HTTPS, nearly all the websites need to install a safety certificate. For those enterprise websites which contain individual information, such as e-commerce sites, financial website etc. installing organization Validation certification (OV) or expanding Validation certificate is absolutely necessary. Since HTTPS and safe padlock symbol become more and more popular, enterprise websites need the more advanced EV certificate with green address bar to strengthen competitiveness in the market.

What I should Know Before Subscribing to BiSend?

Bisend is very much focusing on offering hosting service for small businesses and individual bloggers. They don’t allow for video sharing, image sharing, spamming website to be hosted in your server. Eventhough they offer 30 days money back to most of your service, if you break your service term, no money back will be allowed. Again, from SEO perspective, DV SSL is as friendly as other expensive SSL. It will ensure the same level of data security as the others, and meet all SEO requirement from Google and etc.

DV SSL Certificate

DV SSL (or Domain Validation SSL) is the easiest and fastest way to secure a website. You only need to prove you are the owner of the domain, which normally could be done with an email, and whole process could be done in 3-5 minutes and you will receive the certificate. DV SSL Certificate is the cheapest SSL available in the industry. DV SSL could be issued instantly. Once you finish the validation of your domain, the SSL certificate could be issued in 1-3 minutes. If you need a SSL right now, go with DV SSL certificate.

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