What Is Bio Passport Token (BIOT)?

What Is Bio Passport Token (BIOT)? Complete Guide Review About Bio Passport Token.

What Is Bio Passport Token (BIOT)?

This paper describes the integration model for personal health testing kits, an end user application, and a DID integrated blockchain healthcare database. The paper begins by mapping out the current landscape of healthcare and its increasing personalization, giving rise to the need for decentralized personal health records (DPHR’s). This paper will then present Bio Passport Token approach to solving the issues and challenges that arise from within the personalized healthcare landscape. Finally, this paper will present Bio Passport’s business model and plan to implement the aforementioned solutions.

Bio Passport Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameBio Passport Token
Short NameBIOT
Circulating Supply1.76B BIOT
Total Supply8,800,000,000
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Mission & Vision Statement

Bio Passport Token mission is to provide a holistic solution to a variety of interrelated issues within the healthcare industry that have plagued both patients and providers for decades, and to upscale the industry to current standards of life in the age of connectivity. This is in hopes of making healthcare a personal component of your daily lives. Doing so will provide lasting benefits for the individual patient, public health, healthcare providers, and private business organizations.


The COVID-19 outbreak has highlighted the shortcomings of existing healthcare infrastructure, including the difficulties of a coordinated and timely response. At least some of the fault lies in inefficient management of data, and insufficient access to testing. In reality, the issues which the COVID-19 outbreak highlights have been long standing within healthcare systems across the globe. The following subsections show that the need for a new approach is evident.

Public Health for the Current Age

It is widely argued within the medical community that public health is as important as actual treatment, if not moreso. For public health to be effective, it must adapt to the needs of the public. As the world continues to grow smaller due to increased inter connectivity, both digital and physical, so too must public health methods catch up to the standards of modern life.

Bio Passport Token For effective public health measures to be taken, it is crucial that data related to health is generated and distributed in a manner that is timely and secure. Given that people are increasingly mobile, it is necessary for their data to be as well. However, data management in healthcare, and henceforth public health does not currently live up to the modern standard.

Public Health for the Current Age

Not only is this true of data management, but it is also true of traditional methods of testing as well. One of the biggest concerns during the corona outbreak was the lack of access to testing. The US currently has a high percentage of daily confirmed cases per tests administered, suggesting that there may not be enough tests being performed to sufficiently monitor the outbreak. The reasons for this are twofold. The first is the sheer lack of physical test kits being deployed.

Bio Passport Token The second is that the test kits that were available were being administered in a centralized manner by medical institutions, which simply did not have the human resources nor the physical capacity to accommodate for the sudden influx of potential patients. The first point indicates the continued need for the production and distribution of physical test kits. The second point indicates that alternative models for test administration are also necessary.

Though COVID-19 is the most urgent issue, it is not the only case which calls for change in the healthcare system. Other issues include current models of chronic care management. Diseases like lung cancer require early detection for effective treatment. However, radiology testing can be financially overwhelming, and repeated testing is not recommended as it can cause other health issues.