Bingus Token (BINGUS) ? Complete Guide Review About Bingus Token

Bingus Token (BINGUS) ? Complete Guide Review About Bingus Token

What is Bingus Token (BINGUS) ?

Bingus Token (BINGUS) The first Bingus contract was made simply as a meme token deployed by a hobbyist programmer. Despite quickly gaining a small following, it emerged that there was a fatal flaw in the contract new tokens could be minted at will.

Bingus Token (BINGUS) Having the ability to mint tokens in a contract (without an advanced way of controlling it) is incredibly dangerous for a token’s longevity, as it means the contract creator can generate new tokens out of thin air and render everyone’s’ holdings worthless. When this mint function was discovered, even though never used nor intended, the investment was too unsafe and so all holders were advised to sell.

Bingus Token (BINGUS) A few of the earliest investors in Bingus 1.0 held on to their holdings of Bingus token so that others could exit and recoup all or some of their initial investment. These same individuals decided they wanted to start again, and so they launched Bingus 2.0

Bingus Token (BINGUS) grew and grew, at its peak reaching a $24 Million dollar market cap. Bingus caught the attention of online influencers and celebrities alike who saw the potential of the project. As time went on and the project matured and as more people joined the team and community, it became clear that much more could be done to help animals globally.

Bingus Token (BINGUS) Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameBingus Token
Short Name BINGUS
Max Supply 928,421,490,958
Total Supply928,421,490,958
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Bingus Token (BINGUS) Cryptocurrency at its core is closely intertwined with fairness and ensures that the power is taken from the hands of the few and returned to the hand of the many. They believe it’s time to harness that power to help the voiceless animals across the world who cannot take care of themselves. Bingus has donated thousands to animal shelters and charities, and has a shelter platform and other utilities in development.

Great Team

Bingus Token (BINGUS) Dedicated team and doxxed lead

Secure Contract

Bingus Token (BINGUS) Cutting edge contract partner reviewed by established devs

Locked Liquidity

Bingus Token (BINGUS) The liquidity is locked

Aggressive Marketing

Bingus Token (BINGUS) Aggressive marketing strategies including Hollywood ambassadors and influencers

Supporting Animals

Bingus Token (BINGUS) Substantial donations to charities around the world.

The future of Bingus

Bingus Token (BINGUS) , to date, has been an exciting experience. Bingus 2.0 saw an all time high peak of $24 million market cap. However, the infamous month of FUD, May 2021, detracted from some of more major events and accomplishments. During this gradual decline in interest for small-cap crypto currencies, suffered a bleed in price, highlighting prominent issues within existing smart contract around liquidity and for raising capital for charity and marketing potential. On a brighter note, however, it also resulted in an exceptionally strong community rising up to support the cause.

Why did Bingus Relaunch with a New Contract?

Bingus Token (BINGUS) Locked liquidity in PcsV1 Bingus 2.0’s liquidity was locked using DXsale into Pancakeswap v1 for a year. Pancakeswap cannot move the liquidity to v2 on behalf, and neither can . DXsale also has no migration feature. This means that Bingus 2.0 is stuck with liquidity in v1 for a year

Bingus Token (BINGUS) As all regularly observed, many people purchased through the PCS v2 interface, where there is a grand total of 0.643 BNB liquidity (at time of writing). Ultimately, purchases through v2 completely ruin the investor through terrible and unavoidable slippage, and there is very little can do about this as would need more community liquidity to be spread across Apeswap and Pancakeswap v2, further splitting liquidity. This is not to mention that CMC, CG and TW all track prices using PCSv2.

Unsuited Tokenomics of Bingus 2.0

Bingus Token (BINGUS) has 3% taxes, considerably lower than most tokens on BSC making it easier to swing Bingus 2.0, especially for early whales. Whilst are not against freedom to trade, lack of inbuilt auto-liquidity or ability to raise charity funds without selling the token at potentially inopportune moments meant that maintaining the price was always difficult.

Bingus 2.0 tax token omics were fixed:
• 1% donation to charity wallet
• 1% reflected to all holders
• 1% burned

Key Features:

Bingus Token (BINGUS) Flexible smart-taxation means they can modify the individual taxes depending on the needs of the project. The maximum tax programmable is 15% total. They strive for less.

Tax free wallet-to-wallet transactions. Pay tax only on buys and sells

Controlled auto-liquidity means they can remove it should it become too large. Removed liquidity would be used in monthly manual burn events.

Liquidity provider staking opportunities depending on the needs of the project

Solo staking opportunities for investors to assist charities in earning a passive income.

Taxes converted to BUSD at point-of-sale, no extra sales pressure in order to raise capital.

Tokenomics Breakdown

Bingus Token (BINGUS) With the launch of Bingus Network, have offered holders of Bingus 2.0 the opportunity to claim the new token based on their previous holdings. Therefore, have the distribution available to those holders, additionally reserve some $BINGUS for any disputes.

Bingus Network Tokenomics Features

Bingus Token (BINGUS) No Wallet-to-Wallet Transaction fees A heavily requested feature has been built into the new contract. Any transfers between wallets will no longer incur the tax. After all, you already paid the tax when you bought it in the first place.

As well as allowing the users to move their tokens around various wallets, this helps us immensely when it comes to exchanges and other decentralized apps. In the future, this will allow us to use BINGUS as a token for things like games, NFTs and other tools. Not to mention adding your tokens to staking, liquidity and sending to friends.


Bingus Token (BINGUS) Network has a fully controllable auto-liquidity feature built into the contract. A percentage of each transaction is sent to liquidity, this allows Bingus Network to scale with each transaction. Liquidity can be a drawback of many tokens when it comes to price action. When it is too low, buys and sells impact the price far too much. When it is too high, the token struggles to rise. Therefore, all LP tokens generated by the auto-liquidity feature remain unlocked.