What Is BinaryX (BNX)?

What Is BinaryX (BNX)? Complete Guide Review About BinaryX.

What Is BinaryX (BNX)?

Enjoy the unique multi-token economic system, explore the adventurous dungeon, and earn daily work income. All characters and items are NFTs. Click the button, recruit your hero and start your epic journey in the metaverse now. BinaryX splits a single DApp into components and deploys them to each target subsystems. During the split, inserts stub codes into each component for inter operation. Linkers help the components to interwork with the stub codes. Linkers are classified as the DApp-wise and the Container-wise Linkers for inter operation at the level of DApps and Containers, respectively.

The behaviors of the component are obviously logged and validated by the underlying blockchain. However, the Container-wise Linker manages the cost for execution (e.g., gas in Ethereum) depending on the execution/pricing model of the blockchain. In addition, Bifrost has a token system, called “BFC.” By the DApp-wise Linker converting BFC to the native coin for the component in the managed blockchains, all the components on Bifrost can have a unified token system.

BinaryX Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameBinaryX
Short NameBNX
Circulating Supply2,022,897.57 BNX
Total Supply2,485,629
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Recruit Heros

Recruiting heroes is the first job to open the gate of cyber dragon It expands your power and generates revenue regularly. BNX and BUSD are indispensable tokens for recruiting heroes. Please get them ready and start your journey. Traditionally, to make a program run on heterogeneous computing systems, one adds an abstraction layer, such as a virtual machine or OS, with a newly defined abstract instruction set.

However, in the abstraction layer approach, the abstract instructions are translated to native instructions during execution on the fly. This indirect execution not only hinders the use of machine-specific features in the program but also slows down overall performance.


Villages, battlefields, forests, and every piece of land on the cyber land are full of temptation, which will grab your eyes so that you will stop by the places of battles and trials. Becoming the lord here to take away the wealth that belongs to you is the only way for every player. BinaryX and universal programs have similar goals.

They want to make DApp semi-universal on the specific combination of the multiple blockchains and to avoid the limitations of abstraction layers. Thus, this take the multistage programming approach, which is known for “abstraction without guilt.” They represent a DApp in a high-level language form and split it into multiple components.

Daily Mining

Each hero has a different talent and skill, which is your unique honor. There are BNX, crystal, gold and other wealth resources in the mine. Hard-working heroes can earn rewards for their work in the mine. Of course, if you level up, you can get higher resources, which will bring you endless imagination in the dungeon exploration. The multi-component DApp should be aware of the cross-execution.

Even though BinaryX Linkers facilitate the simultaneous execution of the components, it is hard to perform an action that causes the cross-execution between the blockchains synchronously. The DApp needs to adapt this asynchronous execution in the program model.

Challenger Competition

Here is the hero’s temple, the overlord’s arena, but also the sacred domain leading to the gate of wealth. Your regular open hero competitions such as the trial results and wealth gathering carnival banquets will make you strong and keep your status & power that you deserve to have. To overcome the challenges, they build a new program language system. This guide the developers to adapt the cross execution model of the multiple blockchain systems, and support the split and transpiration process by leveraging the new program language system.

Cross variables and functions

BinaryX define the variables and the functions used in both components as “cross variables” and “cross functions,” respectively. Based on the selection of the cross variables and functions, they categorize the other variables as “component local variables.” Since the cross variables and functions are used between the components, the intervention of the DApp-wise Linker is required. Thus, the cross variables and the result from the call to the cross functions have two states: transient and finalized.

A value of the transient state should not be used since it is under the intervention for update. Afterwards, when it has reached the finalized state, the value can be applied to the DApp. During the splitting process, BinaryX adds lock and unlock codes for each cross variable. In addition, Recipe provides a callback handler for the function call to the cross functions.