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What Is BinaHero (HERO)? Complete Guide Review About BinaHero.

What Is BinaHero (HERO)?

BinaHero is a decentralized NFT game that integrates collection, mining, market trading, and PVE. Players can play to earn in the game. You can continuously collect and upgrade Hero, and get rewards through mining or trading. You can also let hero go through levels to win rewards. Hero has a strong community where players can participate in the collaborative creation of the Hero world. And get rewards for community contributions.

BinaHero Continental experienced a catastrophe thousands of years ago. The Devil King who was demonized by greed and evil thoughts led a devil army formed by tens of millions of devil soldiers to invade the entire continent, burn, kill, plunder, and enslave the human race. However, the evil thoughts of greed cannot be completely wiped out. After ten thousand years of peace, accumulated desires have loosened the seal. The Devil is about to reappear, and the world will be plagued by calamity.

BinaHero Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameBinaHero
Short NameHERO
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply100,000,000
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BinaHero World

The BinaHero once sent messengers to the Bina continent to bring the Soul Stone to the human race to use and teach the them to learn skills. The five heroes of Assassin, Mage, Fighter, Warlocks, and Warriors were born at that time, and they assembled to fight against the Devil. In a fierce battle, the team of heroes sacrificed their lives to spur the power of the soul crystal, sealing the Devils under the abyss, and finally the Bina Continent recovered peace and prosperity. For the eternal peace of the Bina Continent, the royal family united the heroes to form the Hero League and established the Hero Academy.

The Hero Academy has also successively cultivated a large number of strong heroes in thousands of years, and the human race has also found the lost Soul Stone to forge the abilities of the heroes. The human race will select elites from the heroes of the Hero Academy to form a new generation of Bina League to jointly defend against the Devil and maintain peace on the Bina Continent. You will play as a member of the BinaHero League, bring the Soul Stone, open the gate of the elements, and constantly become stronger in the training, and defeat the Devil with your companions, and become the hero who protects the Bina Continent.

BinaHero NFT

BinaHero continent is shrouded in the haze of raging war. You need to have Soul Stone and summon your own heroes to participate in the battle. There are 5 types of heroes waiting to be summoned, namely Assassin, Mage, Fighter, Warlock, Warrior. By default, each account address can only have 10 heroes initially.To increase the number of heroes, you need to upgrade [My Camp]. Each hero has a total of 3 energy,Restore 3 energy need one day . With a full energy point,you get a free PVE level attack.

Hero upgrade

BinaHero has the attributes of offense, defense, blood, and speed. When two heroes with the same star are combined, there is a chance to produce a new hero of a higher star. When the upgrading is successful, the current attribute is random according to the range of the high star, and the energy value is randomly configured according to the energy range of the star. When the total value of the four attributes reaches the average level, the character’s star upgrade is successful. The upgrade is based on the four attributes and randomly judges whether to upgrade or not.

Analysis of PVE gameplay

  • The wood is used to improve the surrounding attributes of all heroes in the overall account. The output rate is 1% of the HERO token. PVE consumption of 100 will produce about 1 wood.
  • There is an 80% chance of dropping fragments during normal payment, and the number of shards will be randomly distributed from 1 to 10.
  • A certain amount of BinaHero rewards must be dropped every time you pass a level. HERO rewards come from 10% of the PVE ticket revenue, because the level of HERO rewards depends on the overall PVE ticket revenue.



  • BinaHero Smart Contract build
  • Launch Website and Social Media
  • Smart contract Audit
  • Whitepaper Release
  • BinaHero Seed Presale
  • Demo game built
  • Strategic cooperation with KOL
  • AMA with Telegram/Discord groups


  • BinaHero Private sale
  • BinaHero game Release
  • Listing on DEX & Liquidity Locked
  • Strengthen operations and marketing
  • Listing on Coinmarketcap
  • Listing on Coingecko


  • BinaHero new feature release
  • Cooperation with strategic partners and investment institutions
  • DAO Setup and Game Platform Governance
  • Open up the mainstream NFT trading platform
  • Create a decentralized NFT social ecosystem
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